I remember as a child, sitting down to the pictorial version of the HolyBible and reading how after the flood, the people of Babylon built a greattower so if it ever flooded again, some would be able to keep out of therain and hopefully, above the flood waters.

After the people of Babylon had built a very high tower, following the greatflood, because God confounded the tongue of every individual, the peopleappeared to each other only to Babel hence the name "Tower of Babel."Besides being historically very interesting, the moral of the story wasn'tlost on me either.

Since very early childhood, I have been extremely interested in the spatialdifferences of time. I really had no interest in validating different claimsmade by religions, I just wanted to be able to understand and relate.

Since living in the Orient and studying oriental history and culture, especiallyChinese History, I've had an uneasy feeling whenever a religionist madestatement the that The Tower of Babel happened so many years before Christor so many years after Adam and Eve. One has to take most of what religionistssay, completely on the faith that, that person knows what he or she is talkingabout.

I have been looking for a good Time Table of History so I can better relateto world events, prophecies and the prophets who prophesied them. I cameacross "The Timetables of History" by Bernard Grun, andbased on Werner Stein's Kulturfahrplan. The publisher Simon &Schuster/Touchstone says that "The Timetables of History isa direct translation of much of the material that appears in theoriginal great work on which it is based."

Mind you, it doesn't say that "it IS a direct translation" butthat it, "is a direct translation of MUCH of the material thatappears in the original (great) work...." They go so far as say, "...greatwork..." without saying in whose mind it is so. The publisher doesadmit that Bernard Grun, the translator, could and resultantly would "translate,delete, revise and add fresh (new) material..." when he deemed appropriate.

What is the truth? All I want to do is be able to relate to history accurately.

According to "The Timetables of History" the Tower of Babeltook place in approximately -601 to -700 which means 600 to 700B.C. which means before that event, everybody on earth were basicallyof one ethnic race and spoke the same language. However. the Chinese havea recorded history of 4,000 plus years.

"The Timetables of History" also has the notation in the-3,000 to -2,501 time slot or 3,000 to 2,500 B.C.,"Beginnings of systematic astronomical observations in Egypt, Babylonia,India and China!" So China does have a history dating before the floodand the Tower of Babel.

Things do not jive. If there were known people in India and China between3,000 to 2,500 B.C., then we have those ethnic race of peopleexisted and we know that at least the Chinese have at least a 4,000 yearrecorded history meaning they had their own language different from theSemite people in and around Mesopotamia. If this is so, then either theTower of Babel took place much earlier or the Tower of Babel wasn't whatconfused the tongues resulting in different peoples, cultures and languagesbeing spread out across the earth.

Even 300 years before the Tower of Babel, in -1,000 or 1,000B.C., "The Timetables of History" dates "Brushand print painting in China (lacquer painting practiced since the earlyages.).

Obviously, the Chinese history predates The Tower of Babel. The Tower ofBabel was supposedly built as a result of the flood. While "TheTimetables of History" doesn't record a date for the flood, myown research revealed that Noah lived 8,270+ F.B.T. years after Adam. ("F.B.T."is my notation meaning "from the beginning of time") Noah lived500 years and begat Ham, Shem and Japeth. Noah lived 600 years before thefloor which meant the flood came 7,920 (F.B.T.) years after Adam.I haven't finished my research allowing me to convert everything into B.C.dates.

"The Timetables of History" is apparently in error or theflood did not wipe everybody off the face of the earth except Noah and hisfamily. My mind is rather boggled and jumbled up about now with so manyconflicting theories surfacing as possibilities.

I'll post my dilemma as is in hopes someone will be able to understand itand may offer a clearer, non-contradictory time table of history.

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