“I’m Southern Baptist....”

I have read your posts on a couple different forums and although I wouldlike to participate in the discussion, I’m sorry but I don’t feel rightyet expressing my interpretation of the scriptures. I don’t trust my interpretationof scriptures. I can read the scriptures, and I'm beginning to understandthe interpretation Baptists have to put on scripture to make them meanwhat the Baptists want them to mean. I'm still reading them and interpretingthem the way my minister tells me I should interpret them but, like yousaid, through prayer, the Holy Spirit is beginning to open my eyes andI'm beginning to see through that thinly veiled veneer of half truths!

“I have gone to church with the same people for years. We have beentold for so long by our minister, that we’re all sinners and that everytime we read the scriptures,  because we question what our ministertells us, that our questioning and intrepretation (sic) of the scripturesis the work and power of Satan. Consequently, I don’t trust my interpretationand am afraid of reaping the condemnation and chastizement (sic) of myminister!”

“I’ve read people critisizing (sic) you on several forums saying “youtwist the scriptures to fit your agenda.” On one forum, you said that everychild is born into the world with the spirit of God. Several people critisized(sic) you fcor that "heresy." As a child, I just naturally knew that. Ihad no problem understanding the Bible. But as I got older, I do know now,that we all were humiliated into submission by our, ‘minister of God,"who you call Professional Faith Merchants!

“You said once that what some ministers do is ‘humiliate their membersinto relinquishing their testimony given them by the Holy Spirit and subjegatingit to the minister’s own interpretation which is most generally from Satan!’When I read that, I was immediately very angry at you because you don’teven know our minister. You condemned him without even knowing him! ButI continued to read what you said, I felt the Holy Spirit testifying tome once again after so many years, “Fear not! What this man is saying,though at times harsh, is the truth. Read on then fast and pray! God promisedyou and everyone that He’ll send you a testimony of His truth!”

“I read the rest of that post and everything else you have posted andI want you to know that I’m finally trusting myself again to understandand interpret what the scriptures are saying to me.” It's not that difficult.One has to believe in themselve and the power of God!

“I read on one forum someone criticizing you saying that God will interprethis own scriptures then the individual turned right around and interpretedthe scripture himself completely contradicting what God said. I don’t believeGod lies. If He said something is red, He didn’t mean it was yellow, pinkor blue. You don’t have to be a genius or a minister to understand that.”

“The scriptures are living for me once again thanks to you. I hope youare able to carry the mesage (sic) to all people.

By the way, do you have a church? How can I read more of the thing youwrite?

"Thank you.”

[Name, address and identifying codes have been withheld to protect writerfrom Satan’s retribution!]


                   The world is God's and my church! All humanity, members of the church!A
                   church does not nessitate bricks and mortar but only the spiritof God!.

                   I write those things as directed by the Holy Spirit! Go back to your ownchurch.
                   Study, fast and pray thentestify to your minster as directed by the HolySpirit.
                   Trust your own gift andinterpretation from the Holy Spirit! Do not be over-
                   bearing or closeminded but uselong-suffering testimony to share you inter-
                   pretation with others and humbly learn from others!

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293


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