In the 60's, it was very dangerous to be an anarchist. I was neverinto protesting because to me it seemed pointless to demonstrate or riotagainst someone or some thing that was going to do what they wanted anyway.My approach was the more quiet, diplomatic approach of trying to changepeople's minds verses that of violent confrontation.

In the 60's. government could do no wrong. Despite the fact that I wasn'tout demonstrating or burning campus buildings, I frequently heard, "Damn,you must be one of those long haired hippie anarchists!"

History has proven me right and at the same time, also wrong! In the60's when I was a Republican, every Republican I knew blamed the anarchyof that era on the Democrats. While I'm still for quiet diplomacy as opposedto heated rhetoric and violent clashes or debate, I can't believe thatit is now the Republicans, Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Dick Army and the gangcontrolling congress who assert that it is now sheik to be an anarchist.

I'm no different from the next guy. I don't like to pay taxes either.I'd love nothing more than to do away with the IRS and in California, theFTB. I would love nothing more than to make giving, even to the government,completely voluntary. Could we pass the collection plate to pay for theDesert Storm campaign? How about Vietnam? How about Korea? Then how aboutWorld War II?

Oh! You say, "I don't like war even when its a despot who starts it!I pass on this go-around."

When the despots came for the Jews, "Fine," you thought, "Ihave nothing to worry about, I not a Jew!"

When the despots came for the Poles, you said, "I have nothing to worryabout. I'm not polish."

When the despots came for the Asians, you said, "I have nothing to worryabout. I'm not Oriental."

When the despots came for the blacks, you said, "I have nothing to worryabout. I'm not a nigger!"

When the despots came for the Muslims, you said, "I have nothing toworry about. I'm not a Muslim!"

When the despots came for the Catholics, you said, "I have nothing toworry about. I'm not a Catholic!"

When the despots came for the gais and homosexuals, you said, "Whew!I have nothing to worry about. I'm neither!"

But when the despots came for those who thought or believed differently,you began to ask yourself, "How do they think and what the hell do theybelieve?"

When the despots came for you and you not only didn't know why, yourealized there was no one left to come to stand up for your rights.

Governments were instituted by God for the collective protectionthe life, limb and property of all its citizens, not just some. Nor justagainst foreign invasion but against domestic theft, robbery and assault.Lets all pass the hat to take up a collection to pay the police, the cityworkers and garbage collectors.

Governments have to be able to raise funds or it can not operate. Youcollectively work and pay into a fund and draw it out when you need it.Living in California, we have to cope with earth quakes and fires. In thesouth, it's tornadoes and hurricanes. In many parts of the United States,there is a drought. Lets give all tax moneys back to the individuals andpass the hat to take up a collection for relief and aid to people who areloosing everything due to an act of nature!

When the elderly lady or gentleman down the street went out in theirfront yard to watch the beautiful sunset. A car load of thugs drove up,jumped out, beat up the man putting him in the hospital and having to endure20 hours of surgery and the woman was brutally raped and further degradedwhen they defecated and smeared human feces all over her face and everyinch of her body.

Oh! But don't worry! We'll pass the hat to take up a collection to helpthem with their medical bills but definitely far more important than thatand on the top of our list, is passing the hat to take up a collectionfor a part time police officer to ride around on his bicycle with the alreadyvolunteer policeman to protect us and our families.

I for one, am all for eliminating the fraud and abuse in government.In some cases, the bureaucracy as perpetuated itself and like a cancer,began to multiple. But instead of having one centralized place to go forhurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire relief or relief from natural calamityincluding fraud and abuse, you now have 50 with 50 times the amount ofbureaucratic red tape and regulations to wade through and wasting 50 timeswhat the one bureaucracy in Washington wasted!

If we are going to have a national standard for education, that nationalstandard needs to be controlled by a national bureaucracy answerable tothe national representative elected by all the people. Oh! But that's right!Utah Mormons are very weird and have horns anyway, so they get a waiverto make their own rules. Okeh! Kentucky or Tennessee are good devote Christiansso they can have a devotional, a prayer and even a scripture reading inthe mornings over the intercom if they want. But the rest of you, you'llhave to toe the line.

"No," you say! "Lets just turn the whole educational system back tothe states. Lets not have a national standard or try to educate the poorslobs in Timbuktu or Podunk, Anywhere." (I hope there isn't a Podunk, Anywhere.If there is I'm sorry! I'm sure there isn't a Timbuktu.) "Lets turn thewhole educational system back to the states." It's been said the peoplein each state know best what they want their children to know. Fine! Thepeople in Utah can spruce up their children's education with a heavy doseof Mormonism! Forget about those who aren't Mormon. They are in the minorityand minorities don't count. They also don't have much money or politicalclout unless they are gai. And since to the good people of Tennessee, Mormonismis not compatible with Christianity, we'll let the good people in the stateof Tennessee teach their children about the vileness of Mormonism. Oh!Ya! And the good atheistic people of California, you can do what ever thehell you like!

Oh hell! Since we are turning control over the education of our childrenback to the states, you can all teach whatever you like! You'll each save$.10 out of your tax dollar because it won't be controlled by Washingtonany longer. Although you'll undoubtedly have to raise taxes to pay forthe $.35 cost to achieve the same level of inefficiency that existed onthe national level, you'll have complete autonomy over what is taught toyou children and the fraud, waste and abuse will be more local.

"Hell," you say, "Schools can teach my children the same thing I wastaught. It got me through the 60's, 70's or maybe 80's. Hell, if administratorslook hard enough and teach the children to take care of them, our childrenand our children's children might even be able to use the same books weused.

QUESTION: Is "See Dick run. See Jane run. See Dick and Janerun." still in or have students become more sophisticated and intelligentthan we were when I was a child?

I think this whole trend toward Officially Sanctioned Anarchy isreally hilarious. Had I of known the Republicans of the 90's were goingto be the Democrats of the 60's, I would have bitten my pride and goneto all the demonstrations and sit-ins. No! I wouldn't either. That's notmy style!

Since I wasn't protesting or burning buildings, one thing that collegedid teach me, however, was how to think, consider and rationally weighthe options. By the way, I'm neither Republican nor Democrat and neitheris God!

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293

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