(originally the Book of Mankind Chapter 1 within The Book ofthe Millennial Dispensation, reorganized as The Book of the MillennielDispensation)


The Proper Order of the Universe


1. The Word of God came to David, the servant of God, saying, On this,the day of birth of the Son of God, ye even the Messiah, the Savior, theRedeemer of Mankind, I the Lord your God reveal this unto you that youmay know the wisdom of God in the creation of the earth and mankind.

2. The Lord your God, even the great I AM, created and ordained procreationbetween man and woman, male and female, to propagate the species as mandeemeth good.

3. It is blasphemy for some of your Faith Merchants and Religioniststo advocate that God is imperfect that He created three classes of people.

4. Mankind will know for a surety that God is righteously perfect andcreated one man, ye even Adam and Eve, each different from his brotheror sister that he might be judged according to what he does in the flesh.

5. However, the Lord your God, in His infinite wisdom, also ordaineda means whereby man would not be a slave to his passion to procreate butuse it wisely like God.

6. God created he man even in His and ordained union between two menor two women, to be used by mankind, not out of lust, but sparingly withthanksgiving and praise for the wisdom of God.

7. God deemed it necessary, as a condition of man's trial on earth,that he man was created with the strong desire, like that of God and theanimals of the earth, with a desire to procreate.

8. Unlike God, man's wisdom is not perfect but exceedingly lacking.

9. In the beginning of the earth and always, God merely to spoke andit is fulfilled.

10. It is not proper as part of man's trial, that God command him inall things, otherwise, man would become slothful and cease to become likeGods, knowing good from evil.

11. God, in his infinite wisdom, saw that man should learn about theproper coming together of male and female.

12. God deemed it necessary for man to lean about the proper union ofmale and female making procreation of the specie, a rewarding, enjoyableand healthy experience bonding them to their offspring.

13. It is necessary for man to learn about the proper union of maleand female before creating another human life.

14. Man must wisely learn to control his own environment and reduceor eliminate the negative affect of wanton procreation of the human family.

15. Many among you seek to terminate a pregnancy for purposes otherthan to save the life of the mother.

16. The purposes for which the termination of a pregnancy is soughtis most grievous sin against God and one's fellowman which in the wisdomof God, He ordained the union of two males or two females.

17. God, in His infinite wisdom, ordained the coming together of twomales or two females to help man eliminate rape, incest, the coming togetherof two people not married and other evils among you.

18. By the coming together of two males or two females, it is the desireof God that they may do so in a spirit of love, friendship and helpingone other achieve their own temporal and spiritual salvation.

19. The Lord you God, would that mankind, come together to strive forthe common good of all mankind by working together rather than as rivals.

20. All living beings are able to utilize this gift of God but wherethe spirit of God and more is given, more is expected.

21. The prophecy of Elias shall surely be fulfilled that in the lastdays, the hearts of the fathers shall once again turn to the children andthe hearts of the children shall once again turn to the fathers.

22. Mankind is admonished not to take lightly or abuse the gifts ofGod, for mankind is nothing, save it were God's grace. Each of God's giftshave a purpose in the edification and salvation of man.

23. God can no longer listen to the deafening cries from the gravesof His children murdered by their fellowman because they listened to theirheart and the spirit of God.

24. The Lord God has heard the cries from the grave of the millionsof His people murdered due to the intolerance of mankind.

25. This intolerance is being foisted upon his fellowman by his owngodless faith merchants and religionists professing only with their lips,a belief in God and Christ, His son as they rail against, defame and killtheir fellowman who they perceive them as different from themselves.

26. For such were the sins and iniquities of the inhabitants citiesof Sodom and Gomorrah.

27. The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was most grave and serious and Goddestroyed them as He deemed necessary.

28. How much greater is the sin against God of those who in the nameof God make a mockery of everything for which this world and its inhabitantswere created and murder souls they deem inferior to themselves becausethey have not received the fullness of the truth.

29. This is a pernicious doctrine of Satan. The fate of those who fightagainst God will be more terrible than the inhabitants of cities of Sodom& Gomorrah.



David R.W. Wadsworth

God has instructed David to let everyone know that He does not condemngay people (homosexually gai) merely because they are attracted to membersof their same gender. Such is natural and of God.

David teaches, "God also wants everyone to know He did not create homosexualsand heterosexuals but one bisexual man and women with their own individuality.Heterosexual marriage was ordained by God to multiply and replenish theearth if the human species, but not as the end all or only possibility.We are here to learn and share with each other. The only way to learn isby experience - individually or vicariously through someone else's experience."

"By revelation, God stated emphatically that just as heterosexualitywas ordained to "multiply and replenish the earth" of all living beings,homosexuality was ordained before the world was created, to:

"The higher, more intelligent forms of life are able to intellectuallyutilize more of the benefits and not rely solely on instinct or the Willof God."

"According to the prophecy of Elias that in the last days, He wouldturn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the childrento the fathers, the prophecy states that the hearts of men of all ageswould turn one to another and the hearts of women of all ages would turnone to another, not necessarily related according to the reckoning of relationshipshere on earth. We are all brothers and sisters in God. The Prophecy ofElias had more far reaching implications and ramifications than is acknowledgedor claimed today."

"As with everything of God that is good, gifts have been, is and canbe abused and turned into something evil. An example of this perniciousabuse which is the condoned and tolerated, if not encouraged by societyis the practice of indiscriminately procreating new life, eventually discardedand thrown away like worthless trash."

"Today, although homosexuality is and has been abused, God recognizesthat it is mostly as a result of man's brethren defaming and slanderingone of His most precious gifts. God is also mindful of the necessity ofits participants to continue to live their life in some semblance of peace,security and harmony seeking the quality of life being denied its participantsby their "heterosexual" brothers and sisters. On the other hand, heterosexualityhas been abused for millennia and now that abuse threatens the inhabitantsof earth with the godless self-annihilation of Armageddon."

"Homosexuality was designed to be used in conjunction with heterosexuality,a phenomenon known today as bisexuality and was practiced down throughages since Adam. God does not force anyone to accept, adopt or believein his plan He only asks that mankind not close himself off to the influenceof His Spirit. However, God said that He can no longer listen to the criesfrom the grave and allow man to defame part of His most precious gift ofsexuality, abuse and make evil His gift of procreation by wantonly procreatingwhile harming and killing those of their brethren who are promoted by HisSpirit."

"God has heard the cries from the grave of the millions of people murdereddue to the intolerance of man foisted upon his fellowman by his own godlessfaith merchants and religionists professing only with their lips, a beliefin God and Christ, His son as they rail against, defame and kill theirfellowman who they perceive them as different from themselves. As Isaiah,Jeremiah and Ezekiel said centuries ago countering the present-day mistranslationand misinterpretation of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as told in Genesis,the sins and iniquities of the inhabitants cities of Sodom and Gomorrahwere a fullness of bread and abundance of idleness (leisure time and recreation),and a failure strengthened not the hand of the poor and needy. In otherwords, the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah violated the law of hospitalitybut built themselves up as superior over their brothers and sisters, persecutingand railing against them, forcing many into slavery."

"The crime of Sodom and Gomorrah was most grave and serious and Goddestroyed them as He deemed necessary. How much greater is the crime againstGod and humanity of those who today, in the name of their God, not onlymake a mockery of everything for and upon which this world and its inhabitantswere created, but murder souls they deem inferior to themselves only becausethey don't have the fullness of the truth. This is more pernicious than"Ethnic Cleansing," a most barbarous, hideous and pernicious doctrine ofSatan. Speaking of those people and religionists engaged in fighting againstGod's Plan for Man, thus saith the Lord God, 'Their fate is even more seriousand their fate more terrible than the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah andtheir inhabitants.'"

"God gave man remarkably few commandment by which to live by while weare here, ex: 'Thou shalt have no other Gods before me,' and 'Thou shaltnot kill.' The Gospel of Jesus Christ did not do away with, but fulfilledthe lower Law of Moses. Instead of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,Christ admonished man -- He didn't order or command man -- to do unto othersas he would have others to unto him. The key is 'forgiveness.'"

"Christ was asked what the greatest of the commandments was? Christsaid, 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God... and the second is like untoit, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self.'"

"Then Christ said, 'On these two commandments hand all the law and theprophets."

There was no commandment against homosexuality ever given. John Boswelland Drs. & Fathers McNeill and Heminiak, Dr. Sherwin Bailey plus tenother scholars and theologians including Philo and Josephus attest to thefact the bible was mistranslated.

"Other than a few grossly mistranslated scriptures transcribed in Genesisand Leviticus and by a bisexual apostle over a space of 2,000 to 10,000years ago, defamers of God's truth can not claim that God ever said anythingat all about homosexuality. Even Christ was mute on the subject. In truth,Moses and Paul admonished the Israelites, not against sex, heterosexualityor least wise homosexuality, but against the practice of idol worship andpagan fertility worship which incorporated licentious sex that was predominatelyheterosexual."

"The Catholic and Mormon churches have a history of marrying homosexualsand in the Mormon's case, sealing them for time and all eternity. JosephSmith was in the process of revealing the truth about homosexuality andits place in the lives of man when he was killed by a conspiracy of peoplein and out of their church. A conspiracy by homophobes? God has said, 'Veryshortly, the truth will be made known to all man.'"

"Until that day comes, you are admonished to seek good, wholesome friendsand relationships with a spouse of your choosing, but with an eye singleto the purpose for our being sent to earth. Be kind to one another andseek to do only good. Every man, woman and child that seeks Him in earnest,will receive Him and the truth."

"The hour is not yet, but after a short season, as was prophesied, 'Ishall lift up a prophet like unto Moses and a mouthpiece for him like untoAaron and together they will lead the my people out of the bondage of ignorance.It must needs be that it be accomplished by tremendous power as my servantwill vanquish the powerful and the mighty and lay waste great cities andthe inhabitants thereof. For the earth must be cleansed of all its iniquities(intolerance) one for another and iniquities heaped upon man by the godlessin the name of God before God will come back to reign as Prince of Peace.'"

Man was sent to earth as a trial to prove to ourselves what we willdo. God already knows but in the end the Great Judgment Day will be a perfectjudgment because we'll judge ourselves. We were sent here to work togetherfor the good of all mankind, not just the white, males or heterosexual.I'm told that approximately 1 in 4 families has a gay member in that familyand that 1 in 3 people knows someone who is gay. They may not know theperson is gay but they know a gay person.

By the gift of revelation, I was basically told the 10% figure as thepercentage of gay people or homosexuals to the general population, is notright, that it's higher. The 10% figure wasn't correct! Since mankind isgiven to statistical accuracy of the inconsequential as opposed to overalltruth of the whole picture, at the risk of being impertinent and insubordinate,I continued to press God for a more precise figure. Eventually, I settledon the 15 to 20% range. I was told this is so, despite the AIDS epidemic,because Satan's forces are working overtime to negate and vilify anyone'shomosexual attraction, whether innocent or otherwise, causing more childrento ultimately be polarized at an even early age. Due to the persecutionand ridicule they are forced to endure, if they don't attempt or commitsuicide, they become polarized and are not able to enjoy life's completematuration process (see article on natures maturation process).

If man were to live the true teachings and principles of God, roughly98% of the populace would at some point in their lives, would engage inhomosexual behavior, but would eventually apt for a heterosexual life witha family. Rape, teenage, pre-marital sex and the resulting illegitimateteenage pregnancy rate would be virtually non-existent.

MAN IS ADMONISHED TO EDUCATE, NOT LEGISLATE. Education is of God! Force,coercion, and legislation are used as tools of Satan!

I pray we'll all remember why we're here, who we are here with and whatwe are supposed to be doing while we here. Observe the Law of Hospitalitywhile we are here and away from our heavenly home and parents. If we do,we'll all return home to a very happy reunion!

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293

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