The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony ofthe Lord is sure, making wise the simple.

The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing in the heart: the commandmentof the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.

The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of theLord are true and righteous altogether.

More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeteralso than honey and the honeycomb.
Psalms 19:7-9



1. March 7, 1990, the word of the Lord came unto David, His servantsaying, Rise and write those things that I cause you to write for the goodof all mankind now and forever.

2. I will give you and mankind instructions, not by way of commandment.If you follow my instructions, you shall prosper and be victorious overyour adversaries.

3. Your adversaries have made a mockery of the Lord their God blasphemeHis holy name, His holy Plan for Man and His holy gifts.

4. In the day of Judgment, it would have been better for them had theynot been born than to have died in their evil and pernicious sins.


1. David Roger William Wadsworth was born Roger William Wadsworth onthe 27th day of May in the year 1947.

2. As a boy, he walked in the ways of the Lord and continually endeavoredto prepare himself for serving his God.

3. As a child, Roger was periodically visited by a messenger of Godwho, in telling him of his mission, prophesied saying, The Lord would raiseup a prophet like unto Moses who would not be eloquent of speech. The LordGod would also raise up a mouth piece for him, like unto Aaron. Together,they will lead my children out of the bondage of ignorance.

4. At the age of 6, David's father was pulling him and his brother behindtheir car on an aluminum snow boat on the icy streets. As David's fathermade a "U" turn in a cul-de-sac, David's brother who was standing uprightbehind David, saw a car coming and jumped off throwing David under thecar.

5. About the age of 16, David was bothered by thoughts of having romanticinterludes with other boys.

6. David was in the Temple of the Most High, when he chastised himselffor having romantic thoughts of other boys while in the House of the Lord.

7. David heard a comforting voice which cleansed him of guilt saying,There is a time, a season and a place for everything under heaven. Thatgift was given to man to learn how to use the gifts given to man with thanksgiving,to help man honor the female's birthrights, to help man and woman to keepmy commandments and to learn how to control his own environment and destiny.

8. For this truth I reveal unto you this truth as I have reveled itto my servants down through the ages, As man is God once was. As God isman may become.

9. An act or a thought is evil, only if it is of the intent. If youintend to keep my commandments, you will be able to, For the Lord givethno commandment unto the children of men, save He prepare a way for themto accomplish the things which He hath commanded.

10. The Lord, your God hath prepared a way for man to keep His commandmentsand still honor a woman's most sacred and holy birthright.

11. The way which the Lord hath prepared for you and the children ofmen, will teach you to care for another human being before bringing anotherlife into the existence. To bring another life into existence without caringand providing for that life is a sin like unto murder.

12. The messenger would remind David, to prepare himself by stayingclose to the Lord.

13. The only mission David could relate was the proselytizing of theword of God to non-believers, David interpreted the messenger's call forhim to prepare himself to include prayer, studying, fasting and workingon his speaking ability.

14. Periodically, messengers would appear to remind him of his missionand that the Lord was pleased with him.

15. David went on a mission to Korea for The Church of Jesus Christof Latter-Day Saints where he experienced some of what God had in storeor him to help him stay faithful.

16. While on a mission for the Lord in Korea, David was admitted tothe 8th Army Hospital for a ruptured appendix having ruptured 48 hoursbefore. Doctors said he should have been dead 36 hours before but his bodyhad built a sac membrane around the poison so all the poison was self contained.

17. David returned still feeling his mission was not finish and hadn'teven begun.

18. Wanting to marry, have children and live according to that whichis customary, but also honoring females birthright, David sought primarilythe company of males.

19. According to the Law of the land, David entered the army where theLord helped him stay faithful to his God, opened his eyes and his mindand taught him many more things vital to the ultimate survival of mankindon the earth.

20. David wanted to share with his parents of the things that he hadlearned while reinforcing in their minds his ultimate goal of getting marriedand having a family.

21. However, his parents were not receptive to the things which he sharedwith them and resulting from their proclamation that he was dead to themfrom that moment on and forever, Roger William Wadsworth, adopted the nameof a childhood friend and from then on became known as David Roger WilliamWadsworth.

22 . Being abandoned by friends, family, associates, and being toldby religions that God had turned from him, David went his own way stillharboring God in his heart!

23. 1976, while out working in the yard with, Richard, his spouse andhelp mate, David when he fell 25 feet out of a tree on his head.

24. The sound was so loud, and the ground shook, neighbors on both sideswent out of their houses to see what the matter was.

25. As the paramedics arrived, David got up off the ground. He was releasedon the spot.

26. The Lord God gave David a spouse and a help mate!


1. On May 7th, 1980, David Wadsworth, after working long days from 7:00a.m. until midnight, was returning home to his faithful companion and spousefor four years, when the vehicle he was riding struck a blind barricadesending him to the hospital.

2. (While in a coma): From about 30 feet above the center of the street,following his accident, David saw Richard out working in the yard crying.

3. David called out to Richard, Richard! I'm here, why are you crying?Richard! Can't you hear me? I'm finally home.

4. David then heard a voice, Because you have not completed the taskyou were sent here for and because you did not leave your affairs in properorder for your spouse, you will not be permitted to die at this time!

5. David replied, Die, who said anything about dying? What did I do?Who is this and where am I?

6. David was shown a large meadow of deep, dark, rich green foliagewith people milling around talking to one another.

7. The sky was a deep, dark color of sky blue.

8. It was sunny but with no clouds in the sky but it was not terriblybright or hot.

9. The temperature seemed moderate and everything very well cared for.
10. There were no dead limbs on the tree or leaves on the ground.

11. People were leisurely strolling around, arm in arm. David felt unconditionallove and acceptance surround him.

12. David thought to himself, This is so beautiful, peaceful and serene!Where is this? Is this heaven?

13. The messenger came again to David saying, Your time is not yet.

14. David, feeling very awkward, said, But told I'm unworthy, a degenerate,a criminal against nature and God. I'm gay!

15. The messenger replied, On earth, to say so would reap disdain andridicule but here, there is no such distinction. You and Richard were givento each other as help mates. Richard loves you and needs your return.

16. As David thought, This is so peaceful. No cares, no worries, noproblems! It's beautiful. It's peaceful. It's serene.

17. As David thought, so the messenger replied, You can not remain.You must return. You haven't completed your mission which must needs befulfilled for man is making a mockery of God.

18. David felt torn between wanting to return to his spouse and wantingto remain amidst the feeling of absolute peace, love and serenity. Themessenger said I had to return to life, It is so ugly back there with allthe wars, hatred and killings. Why can't I remain here amidst the peaceand tranquillity?

19. David heard the Comforter say, Your body was not permitted to die.Should you desire to remain here, your body will vegetate until you naturallydie. However, you have work that needs to be done and you need to lookafter Richard, your spouse. Witness! He longingly beckons your return.

20. I am torn between my body which wants to remain here and my mindwhich wants to return to complete my task that I left behind unfinished.

21. The messenger said unto David, Trust in the Lord thy God and youwill always make the right decision.

22. You are commanded to write the things which the Lord your God revealto you and command of all men that they may stand as a testimony againstthem on the Day of Judgment.

23. David said, Why me? I am not right for this! I am not a poet, philosophernor one who learned in the prose of writing. I am but an accountant. Theextent of my writing has been business correspondence with an occasionalpersonal correspondence.

24. The messenger of God said unto David, Oh ye or little faith. Knowye not that you shall write the things that the Lord thy God shall directyou to write?

25. The Lord thy God said, I did not raise you up, and protect to allowyou to fail. Have faith in your God and He will deliver you from the throesof hell!

(6/22/93: Since the scriptures in Chapter 16 are directly related toChapter 3, this short insert is to cross reference a later chapter outof chronological order, Chapter 16 is about The Miracle showing that Godprotects His servants as the forces of hell array for the battle of Gog& Magog.)


1. The Great I AM is man's one and only God. There is no other.

2. I AM Allah, the God of Ishmael and his descendants.

3. I AM Jehovah, Yahweh, the Holy God of Israel.

4. I AM Jesus Christ who came in the meridian of time, was crucified,died and rose again making it possible that all mankind be resurrectedlike unto the Father and Son.

5. I AM the true essence of Buddha which is truth and enlightenment.

6. I AM the first and last, besides me there is no other.

7. I AM the son of the Father.

8. I bear witness of the Father and He of Me.

9. Besides God the Father, there is no God. All power and authorityemanates from Him.

10. If man worships the Father only, in time they will come to knowHis son. Only by knowing His son can anyone know the Father. Salvationis through His saving grace. Without Him wasn't anything made that wasmade.

11. But this, the Earth, is my work, My and My Father's glory to bringto fruition the salvation, immortality and eternal life of man.

12. My Father and I are indeed one in purpose, thought and deed.


1. Hear me and harden not your hearts against me for the hour is nighat hand when I will reestablish my kingdom on earth.

2. In that hour, those who fight against me will surely die.

3. Harden not your hearts against me but come forward and be saved.

4. For I AM the Lord your God. I AM He that was before Abraham, yeaeven before Adam. I AM the beginning and the end, the first and the last,I know all things. I AM Jehovah the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, andhis descendant, the Israelites, the same who I have caused to dispersedamong the nations of the earth.

5. I AM Jehovah, the God of the Israelites who did part the Red Seaan deliver my people our of bondage in Egypt.

5. I AM Jesus Christ, the God of the Israelites who came amongst mypeople in the median of time to be crucified for the sins of the world.

6. Ye, I AM Allah, the God of the descendants of Ishmael and did appearunto Muhammad that he might teach my children with proper guidance.


1. The Word of God came to David His servant saying, Sakyamuni did receivethat portion of my truth that he and his people could accept.

2. However, the people went contrary to his teachings and began to prayto Sakya Muni as the Buddha to intercede on their behalf with the Lordtheir God.

3. They began to worship Sakyamuni as the ultimate source and giverof enlightenment replacing the Lord their God.

4. This has been the direction of all mankind since the earth was formed!


1. I AM the God of the Israelites. I AM led them out of Egypt, partedthe Red Sea for them to cross on dry land and closed the sea swallowingthe Egyptians.

2. I AM the son of the One the descendants of Ishmael call Allah.

3. Besides the Father, there is no other God. I AM His Son, even Jesusthe Christ.

4. Besides me there is no other Son of God.

5. Listen and discern that ye may understand the true nature of God.

6. All of God children, ye everyone is a son and daughter of God.

7. Just as I was The Savior of the World, of all of mankind, ye Moseswas the savior of the Israelites and you will be the savior of your peoplein these last days.

8. I AM responsible to the father for the salvation and eternal lifeof mankind on earth.

9. Ye, I AM your brother in the spirit, ye even the brother of Luciferwho together with a third of the hosts of heaven, even your brothers andsisters of the spirit, rebelled against God.

10. The War in Heaven was fought to give mankind the freedom to choose.

11. Lucifer, ye even the Son of the Morning, would that man came toearth rather than to be tried and tested, merely to receive a body.

12. All mankind would be saved by decree.

13. Such was not the will of the Father.

14. There are many amongst you who profess in my name to be protectinglife but who would follow Lucifer's plan.

15. Ye, they are the antichrists.

The Proper Order of the Universe

1. The Word of God came to David, the servant of God, saying, On this,the day of birth of the Son of God, ye even the Messiah, the Savior, theRedeemer of Mankind, I the Lord your God reveal this unto you that youmay know the wisdom of God in the creation of the earth and mankind.

2. The Lord your God, even the great I AM, created and ordained procreationbetween man and woman, male and female, to propagate the species as mandeemeth good.

3. It is blasphemy for some of your Faith Merchants and Religioniststo advocate that God is imperfect that He created three classes of people.

4. Mankind will know for a surety that God is righteously perfect andcreated one man, ye even Adam and Eve, each different from his brotheror sister that he might be judged according to what he does in the flesh.

5. However, the Lord your God, in His infinite wisdom, also ordaineda means whereby man would not be a slave to his passion to procreate butuse it wisely like God.

6. God created he man even in His and ordained union between two menor two women, to be used by mankind, not out of lust, but sparingly withthanksgiving and praise for the wisdom of God.

7. God deemed it necessary, as a condition of man's trial on earth,that he man was created with the strong desire, like that of God and theanimals of the earth, with a desire to procreate.

8. Unlike God, man's wisdom is not perfect but exceedingly lacking.

9. In the beginning of the earth and always, God merely to spoke andit is fulfilled.

10. It is not proper as part of man's trial, that God command him inall things, otherwise, man would become slothful and cease to become likeGods, knowing good from evil.

11. God, in his infinite wisdom, saw that man should learn about theproper coming together of male and female.

12. God deemed it necessary for man to lean about the proper union ofmale and female making procreation of the specie, a rewarding, enjoyableand healthy experience bonding them to their offspring.

13. It is necessary for man to learn about the proper union of maleand female before creating another human life.

14. Man must wisely learn to control his own environment and reduceor eliminate the negative affect of wanton procreation of the human family.

15. Many among you seek to terminate a pregnancy for purposes otherthan to save the life of the mother.

16. The purposes for which the termination of a pregnancy is soughtis most grievous sin against God and one's fellowman which in the wisdomof God, He ordained the union of two males or two females.

17. God, in His infinite wisdom, ordained the coming together of twomales or two females to help man eliminate rape, incest, the coming togetherof two people not married and other evils among you.

18. By the coming together of two males or two females, it is the desireof God that they may do so in a spirit of love, friendship and helpingone other achieve their own temporal and spiritual salvation.

19. The Lord you God, would that mankind, come together to strive forthe common good of all mankind by working together rather than as rivals.

20. All living beings are able to utilize this gift of God but wherethe spirit of God and more is given, more is expected.

21. The prophecy of Elias shall surely be fulfilled that in the lastdays, the hearts of the fathers shall once again turn to the children andthe hearts of the children shall once again turn to the fathers.

22. Mankind is admonished not to take lightly or abuse the gifts ofGod, for mankind is nothing, save it were God's grace. Each of God's giftshave a purpose in the edification and salvation of man.

23. God can no longer listen to the deafening cries from the gravesof His children murdered by their fellowman because they listened to theirheart and the spirit of God.

24. The Lord God has heard the cries from the grave of the millionsof His people murdered due to the intolerance of mankind.

25. This intolerance is being foisted upon his fellowman by his owngodless faith merchants and religionists professing only with their lips,a belief in God and Christ, His son as they rail against, defame and killtheir fellowman who they perceive them as different from themselves.

26. For such were the sins and iniquities of the inhabitants citiesof Sodom and Gomorrah.

27. The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was most grave and serious and Goddestroyed them as He deemed necessary.

28. How much greater is the sin against God of those who in the nameof God make a mockery of everything for which this world and its inhabitantswere created and murder souls they deem inferior to themselves becausethey have not received the fullness of the truth.

29. This is a pernicious doctrine of Satan. The fate of those who fightagainst God will be more terrible than the inhabitants of cities of Sodom& Gomorrah.


1. The word of the Lord unto David, His servant saying, Much has beenwritten and said about my commandment unto the children of men that heis to multiple and replenish the earth.

2. Most of what is written by those other than my prophets, has beenout of fear lest mankind as a whole, abandon my commandment which wouldmean the end of mankind.

3. Instead, out of fear, they have blasphemed My Plan for Mankind andpolluted the earth with the children of fear.

4. They who are fearful have understand not the creation by their God.Its all very simple for God. Man knows that which is natural to him bythe power of the Holy Ghost given to man as a gift from God the Father.God works through natural means.

5. Your Lord God, in His infinite wisdom, did provide man with a meansfor mankind to learn to love, care, help and provide for each other.

6. That means will not create a new life before my children are ready,willing and able to provide for the new life they have created.

7. All human life is sacred to God since before mankind was in the flesh,he was in the spirit and dwelled with the Father.

8 . My children have blasphemed my gift which I ordained before theworld was, to provide mankind with a means to learn to control his owndestiny and not be subjected to the desires of passion.

9. For this reason did I give all life a strong desire to create lifeto replenish those that have passed with time, for all must know physicaldeath in his day that he might return to the father.

10. Mankind is behaving irresponsibly in his own actions while he condemnsothers for their action which does not procreate life!

11. For this reason was man put on earth to be borne of the flesh.

12. The Lord your God knows all, from the beginning to the end.

13. But justice demands that ye prove it unto yourselves, otherwise,man's judgment would be incomplete.

14. Mankind would be incapable of judging himself without the knowledgegained of his actions while in the flesh.

15. For behold, this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the salvationand eternal life of man.

16. I say unto you, love one another even as I have loved you. For behold,this is the ancient law of hospitality which your ancestors were commandedto keep from the beginning of time.


1. This is in response to the so-called Christian Religious Right widelydistributing a video tape entitled, The Homosexual Agenda free of chargein an attempt to deny citizens of their right and prolong the struggle.

2. Ye, the Christian Radical Right is even the antichrist who wouldlegislate their will on all of mankind.

2. Learned men, after the teachings of man, Stanley Monteith, M.D.;Joseph Nicolosi Ph.D.; David Llewellyn, Pres. Western Center for Law andReligious Freedom spearhead the blasphemous attack on God's Plan for Man.

3. Men who claim to have completely abandoned their lascivious homosexualways, John Paulk, Administrator of Love In Action; and John Smid, Directorof Love In Action, a complete and total oxymoron and misnomer, divulgetheir true agenda of hate and getting back at gay men for no loving them,highlight the tape with confessions of their lives and portray it as indicativeof the entire gay community.

4. The anti-Christian religious right continually blasphemes the Lordand slanders His gift to mankind to help man learn to control his own destiny.

5. The Lord, God, spoke unto David, His servant saying, The so-calledHomosexual Community have rightfully engaged their brethren of the HeterosexualCamp in a peaceful, confrontational, non-combative war whose purpose wasto use their legal rights to wake up the people to the hypocrisy of theirways.

6. Although the anti-Christian Religionists and Faith Merchants haveinstigated genocide, turning mother and father against their children,daughter against daughter, son against son, I have heard to cries of mychildren for justice.

7. My children who call themselves homosexual have won the battle andnow it is time to move on and engage Satan's disciples and their lawyersintellectually.

8. Satan and his disciples can not and will never prevail against theLord God.

9. In a last effort attempt to make some gains from a lost battle, theanti-Christian Religionists and Faith Merchants have will show the so-calledhomosexual combatants in their battle dress as that which is the norm andthat which the so-called non-homosexual non-combatants can expect to bethrust upon them by their victorious brethren and sisters.

10. The devil will use any tactic in his power, as he has done for centuries,to defame my children stirring up their parents and siblings to continuethe genocide falsely declaring it is done in my name.

11. Where much is given, much is expected. I have given my childrenthe strength to do battle with Satan and his legions. They must be vigilant,valiant and they will be victorious.

12. It is time now, to put away the battle dress and engage Satan andhis legions legally and verbally for I AM will be with my children evenunto the end of he earth. They will be ever victorious over Satan!

13. The Lord your God acknowledges that it is difficult to disengagethe enemy after a long and heated battle. Especially with hatred and bigotryseemingly still threatening.

14. However, my children must not allow their hypocritical siblingsand neighbors, by use of trickery lock them into one strategic battle planor the continuation of a strategy that has succeeded but is no longer relevant.You must be flexible.

15. My children has the strength of their God and the weight of theirlaw behind them.

16. Now that they have gained the recognition and respectability oftheir demands, guerrilla warfare tactics are no longer necessary.

17. What is needed is to hold dialogues and show the opposing armiesthat they can live and work in peace and harmony for the betterment ofall mankind.

18. Had the ungodly Faith Merchants and religionists, begun in the yearmy servant David Wadsworth was born, two generations later, they wouldhave generated much goodwill and would have occupied a revered and cherishedplace in the minds of those they have since driven away from me and arenow polarized.

19. The sins of my children, driven from me, shall be upon the headsof the Faith Merchants who line their pockets with the devil's gold inexchange for defiling My doctrine of love.

20. It will surely be better for the inhabitants of the cities of Sodomand Gomorrah than for those doing Lucifer's bidding.

21. I gave unto the children of men, a New and Everlasting Covenant,the greatest commandment of which is to love the Lord thy God with allthy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy mind.

22. The second commandment is like unto the first, Thou shalt love thyneighbor as thyself.

23. On these two commandments rests all other commandments, principleand precepts given to man.

24. Without adherence to these two laws, there is no need nor purposeunder heaven for any law.

25. My children John Paulk and John Smid failed to utilize my gift inthe manner it was designed. They did not learn the lessons it was designedto teach.

26. It was said they are happily married, raising a family, and forthat, they are to be commended.

27. However, they did not use My gift to learn how to love, how to carefor another human being and doing so with thanksgiving to the Lord theirGod for the opportunity to love and care for another person.

28. Rather, they selfishly sought to be loved, cared for and neededby others in the absence of loving themselves.

29. My children John Paulk and John Smid had to respect, had to lovethemselves free of guilt before they could love and be loved by someoneelse.

30. By their own words, they lived a very destructively wanton life.

31. Such would be their end in their current marriage had they followedthe same path.

32. This one great lesson they did not learn nor use my gift to preparethem for marriage with a female but instead went away hurt and bitter.

33. Indeed, all is not in harmony with the gai community, but are theyso blind they can they not see the fault rests with the Faith Merchantsand Religionists David Llewellyn, Joseph Nicolosi and Stanley Monteith.

34. I say unto you, Nay! For they care not of their own actions butwant to dictate the course of action for the rest of mankind. Such is anabomination before the Lord thy God.

35. It has not been long since people were ridiculed, made fun of, banished,beat, set upon by your law, jailed and punished a person only because hedared to love another!

36. The stench of their wickedness and perversion of my precepts andviolation of your own laws have long since echoed through your Halls ofJustice and have screamed from the gave pleading for justice.

37. Unlike my children, the Jews and Homosexuals during the genocideof their annihilation, My Gai children have taken enough of the continuedholocaust as a result of the Faith Merchants lining their pockets withdevil's gold.

38. I, the Lord your God, admonishes those who are the perpetratorsof this evil, not to die in your sins. Repent now before it is too late,for faith without works is dead.

39. Although the Lord your God knows all things, man will judge hisown actions amidst Council of the Twelve and the millions of cries screamingfrom the grave for justice.

40. It will be a just judgment. You pronounce your own sentence andbanishment from the God, the Father forever.

41. You will be cast down into that bottomless pit with Lucifer andhis legions, all trying to occupy your body rending it to pieces throughout all eternity.

42. Repent now and make amends for the cries from the grave deathbedwill demand forgiveness.


1. David knelt in prayer saying, Lord God, why must your children constantlydefame and slander their brethren and sisters saying, I alone know thetruth, I alone know what is right, I alone know what God would have usdo.

2. The word of the Lord came unto David, His servant saying, Your heartis heavy because of the iniquity of the people for some will try to gainadvantage over their brethren by gathering around them large numbers ofpeople equally disposed to commit the abomination of Sodom and Gomorrah.

3. Many of these men and women come in blasphemy clothed religious appareldeclaring for and setting themselves up as mediators between Man and God.

4. Some do so using my name with an earnest desire to win the mindsand hearts of the people away from me, others do it out of folly believingthey know the truth, in the absence of a sincere endeavor to learn thetruth.

5. Most of their truths are follies have been handed down from generationto generation, religious person to religious person with little truth orreason.

6. Each time it is handed down, what people say should be the law, becomesharsher and more harsh.

7. In the beginning, I gave the first man and woman, few commandants,if followed would ensure their descendants would multiply even as the Lordyour God commanded that all living things should do.

8. Lucifer works exceedingly hard to win the minds and hearts of mypeople of my people away from me.

9. The Lord your God works even harder to hold onto, provide for andprotect them who truly love me.

10. There are times, when I advise man to adopt practices and behaviorswhich will ensure man's longevity and prosperity on the land and at times,because of the hardness of his heart, I influence him to behave such thatit will ensure his longevity on the land and help him control his surroundings.

11. Such it is presently, contrary to my will and commandments, manis creating a grievous sin by polluting the land and destroying the earth.

12. Rather than obey my commandments, man has sought his own intelligenceand wisdom to attain prosperity.

13. Man's social and economic order is creating the abundance of hisunwanted children which will be a further burden on the people, land andresources.

14. The Lord your God gave man certain gifts that would help man learnto control his insatiable appetite for illicit sex, man with woman, andthe creation of more population pollution.

15. With the commandment I gave to all living things to multiple andreplenish the earth, I also commanded man to do so responsibly.

16. For animals to overpopulate, they become diseased and die.

17. For mankind to overpopulate the land, new and uncommon diseaseswill not only ravage the inhabitants of the earth, but brother will killbother, mother and father will kill their children, children will killeach other and great iniquity will abound in the world.

18. Father, Did you not create man and woman the same by gender? Whyis there some who say, God did not create you as you are. Therefore youtransgress His law and make a mockery of His creation?

19. These are those I spoke of. It is they who transgress my laws andstand in jeopardy of being banished from the presence of the Lord you Godin the Day of Judgment for their transgression is more grievous than thesins of Sodom and Gomorrah.

20. Father, man's science says that approximately 10 percent of thepopulation is homosexual and 90 percent of the population is heterosexual,while certain faith merchants and religious people say only 1 or 2 percentof the population is homosexual. Who is closer to being right?

21. They are both wrong. Your faith merchants and religionists blasphemethe very God they claim to preach but in truth, they seek to further thekingdom of the lord of darkness, hate, lies and envy.

22. The Lord your God did not create two different people by gender,one to rule over the other with fear and trepidation.

23. There was one man and one woman created but still ever person isdifferent as were their spirits. Some were valiant and some were less so.

24. It is man's arrogance and folly, and utter blasphemy for his faithmerchants to say that I created two different peoples by gender.

25. Why do they stop with two? Is the mind of man so shallow he cannot think in terms greater than two or see that everyone is different.

26. I endowed man with the intelligence comprehend greater than intervalsof two?

27. How did man learn to count the hours of a day, the days of a week,he weeks of a month, the months of a year or the years of a lifetime.

28. Man's intelligence and wisdom is indeed, worth little to nothing.

29. The Father and I are two but one in purpose. Even this is not theend with us.

30. Because of the iniquity in the land fostered by your faith merchants,far more than your science thinks are choosing a life with their own gender.

31. How many people (What percentage) are choosing a life with a personof the same gender?

32. Such knowledge is of no benefit to man. If everyone would obey thecommandments of God, few there would be that would choose as other thanas it was consecrated.

33. Man's science says the approximate percentage is 10% but you havemade me think it was higher.

34. Man's obsession with the precise number will do him no good. Hewould not accept the word of the Lord his God if I said it was 20 or 25percent, however, if I said it were as your faith merchants have said,many there would be that would say, My servant David has truly spoken withthe Lord.

35. Man's intolerance of one another is creating tremendous iniquityin the land and I will shortly clean the earth like unto Sodom and Gomorrah.

36. Forgive me my impertinence but some men are not swayed by the wordof God but are persuaded only by numbers. I understand the number of peoplechoosing to bond with the same gender is higher than 10 percent but lessthan 25 percent?

37. If I gave man the precise number, he would not be able to comprehendor understand its significance.

38. Again, forgive me my pestering impertinence but is the number greaterthan 15 but less than 20 percent.

39. For how long would it be so? Life and man are forever evolving andhopefully improving. Such was the Plan for Mankind. Such it can be throughouteternity.

[At the time of the vision, I saw a multitude of exceedingly beautifulpeople , both male and female. Some of the people were boxing, some werefighting in the streets and burning buildings, some were killing others,some were doing what I thought of as sports, some were conversing, somewere communicating over long distances, some were doing what I understoodto be business transaction. Of all the people engaged in these variousactivities, the beautiful people were excluded, and rightfully so but sadly,so should everyone. I saw a lot of men and women walking arm in arm. ThenI saw two of the beautiful men and two of the beautiful women walking armin arm. At first, the men and women paid no attention. But as the multitudeincreased, so also did number of people of the same gender but at a disproportionaterate. The beautiful people were all pair off into same gender pairs. Asthe numbers of the beautiful multiplied, I saw was appeared to be ministerspreaching not love but hell, fire and brimstone in the streets. Then Isaw the not-so beautiful people and policemen pulling the beautiful peopleapart, first from around the waist, then in handcuffs and shackles. Asthe intensity increased, fights broke out between the beautiful peopleand the not-so beautiful people including beatings and killings. I sawthe beautiful people march, carrying banners and shouting. The skies weredark ominous red and everything took on an ugly, evil appearance.]
[Then I went to the beautiful, sunny, peaceful and serene setting ofhappy, contented families. I saw a man and women and children, two men,two women, two men and children, two woman and children, two men and awoman and children. I saw some of those in the same gender relationships,that some separated and loving bonds with members of the opposite genderwhile others took on a third member of the opposite gender. I saw thatthere was peace and prosperity contrasted with the earlier scenes of chaos,beatings, killings and destruction.]


1. It is man's responsibility to obey the commandments of God but itis not man's responsibility to blindly be obedient.

2. For that reason, God gave every man His spirit to dwell with andtestify to the spirit of man, the things of God.

3. It is not for man to tell his fellowman how or what he must believeor how he must conduct his life.

4. If man kept all of Gods commandments, others would be influencedto follow their example in its proper time and season.

6. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose underheaven.

7. God did not mandate at what age a person should marry and start afamily.

8. To blaspheme God's gift of homosexuality is to say that any heterosexualcouple marrying and not having a family is equally sinful.

9. Judge not lest ye be judged as was Sodom and Gomorrah.

10. It is everyone's right and freedom to choose what to do and whento do it as long as he doesn't infringe on another person's rights to exercisethe same God given rights.

11. The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathedinto his nostrils he breath of life; and man became a living soul.

12. The Lord thy God gave man the gift of procreation that he mightprove to himself what he might do.

13. Until the soul breathed the breath of life, the dust of the earthwas not a living soul.

14. It was necessary that the Lord thy God give all life an intensedesire to multiply and replenish its kind.

15. However, man has abused My holy gift of procreation and blasphemedmy precious gift of Homosexuality making reliance on your science necessary.

16. The indiscriminate termination of the life process is doubly sinfulfor it is the termination of the life process as a result of the sinfulact of fornication or adultery and it is the termination of the life processby use of man's arrogant use of his science in place of the proper useof gifts given to man.

17. Man's arrogance is a most grievous and abominable sin.

18. The termination of the life process is a personal decision whichis to be left between man and his God. Man is admonished to seek God infaith and humility.


1. In the beginning, God the Father created all the inhabitants of theuniverse in the spirit before they were created in the flesh.

2. God said, Let us make a plan for these my children whereby they mayinherit a body, know death and be resurrected, be judged according to theirdeeds, be sanctified and live with Us forever.

3. In an uninhabited part of the universe, there was the heavens butthe earth was without form or void meaning that it did not exist.

4. God the Father called his children together and said, I will createan earth for you where you can go to inherit a body of flesh and body,know death and be resurrected so you may five forever!

5. God said, What I say will be. Nothing can oppose the Lord thy God,for everything is within my dominion. However, in keeping with the eternalplan for all mankind, the Lord thy God asked His children for their cooperation,help and ideas in formulating a plan whereby everyone would have the opportunityto come to earth, be born of a physical body, learn of the trials and tribulations,pain, sufferings and heartaches associated with mortality, die and be resurrectedaccording to the Judgment while in the flesh.

6. In the spirit of unconditional acceptance, understanding, and desiringto allow His children to know their maximum potential, the Lord thy Godasked His children for their ideas.

7. Two stepped forward. Our eldest brother in the spirit, the Son ofthe Morning, because that was when he was born, who was so named and greatlyloved by God, our mother and father in the spirit.

8. The Son of the Morning said, Because you love each one of your childrenso, I will go to earth and see that not one soul is lost that they mayall return to the House of their Father forever! Let the honor and theglory be mine for saving everyone to eternal life with You Father!

9. His younger brother, Jesus also stepped forward and said, It is Yourgoal that we all go to earth, work and learn to be like you that when wedie in the flesh, we will be resurrected and live forever with You.

10. If you send me, I will teach everyone the difference between rightand wrong. I will give them a few laws solely for their own good to liveby and treat their fellow man. I will ensure everyone the freedom to adhereto those laws or not.

11. Some will choose not to obey a commandment for which they will needto suffer the consequences themselves.

12. All will die of the flesh. All will be judged according to theirdeeds while in the flesh.

13. All will be resurrected and some sanctified according to their deedswhile in the flesh and adherence to your very basic laws.

14. In the end, not my Will be done but thine. All the honor and glorybe thine!

15. Others came forward. Because of their valiant effort and concern,they were prophets and teachers of man.

16. God the Father said, It is done. So shall it be now and forever!

17. The Son of the Morning angrily railed against the Father saying,I am the eldest and your most favored, it is my right.

18. God the Father said, You are greatly loved by me and your mother,but Jesus' plan will insure that everyone so sanctified in the resurrectionwill be just and deserving of their eternal progression. My children, deservinglywill be one with Me!

19. There was a war in heaven and a third of the host of heaven ralliedon the side of the Son of the Morning. God the Father, being infinitelymore wise and powerful, having chosen Jesus' plan for His children bornin the flesh, cast out the Son of the Morning along with a third of hischildren in the spirit.

20. From then on, the Son of the Morning's name was called Lucifer meaningdeceiver.

21. The Order of Revealed Truth: 1st Tier - (The Basics) Buddhism, Lawof Moses and Islam, 2nd Tier - Christianity, 3rd Tier - The Principlesof Eloheim


1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and theWord, because of His righteousness before the God the Father and creatorof all sons and daughters in the spirit, the Word was made God over heavenand earth and all living inhabitants to reside thereon.

2. The earth was without form or void. The earth did not exist and darknessfilled the expanse.

3. The Lord God said, Let us go down and create a new earth for my spiritchildren to reside on, inherit a body, prove themselves before me, die,be resurrected, sanctified to reside here with us for all eternity havingno end to their increase.

4. And God the Father said, Let there be light. And there was lightand He divided the light from the darkness. God called the light, Day andthe darkness, He called Night.

5. The morning and evening were the first day after the reckoning ofGod which is different from the reckoning of time of man on the earth.

6. And He gathered the elements of the heaven and said, Let the watersbe gathered together in one place under heaven and let there be dry landin its midst of the water. And He saw that it was good. The morning andevening were the second day.

7. And he said, Let the earth bring forth grass, herb yielding seeds,and fruit yielding fruit after its kind. And it was so,

8. God saw that it was good! The morning and evening were the thirdday according to the reckoning of God.

9. And God said, Let there be two great bodies in expanse of the heavento divide the light of day from the darkness of night. Let there signs,seasons, days and years according to the reckoning of man.

10. And God made the great light to give light and heat to the earthby day and a lesser light to cool the earth and give light by night. Godsaw that is was good.

11. And the morning and evening were the fourth day according to thereckoning of God.

12. And God said, Let the waters produce and give life abundantly toevery living creature that liveth in the water and the to every fowl thatfly in the heaven above the earth. And God saw that it was good.

13. And God poured out his spirit that all creatures of the water belowand all the fowl in he heaven above and he said, Be thou fruitful, multiplyand replenish the earth.

14. And the morning and evening were the fifth day.

15. And God said, Let every creature of the earth produce abundantlyaccording to its specie. Thus did God create to cattle of the earth, everyfowl of the air above and everything that swims in the water beneath.

16. God merely spoke and it was so, the elements were gathered fromevery corner of the expanse and obeyed His command.

17. And God said, Let us make man in our image, truly in our own likeness,and let him have dominion over everything that creepeth on the land, overthe fowl of the air and every living creature of the sea.

18. God created man in his own image, in the image of God created Heevery male and female, truly in his own likeness created He them.

19. Know for a surety that for ever soul born in the spirit or the flesh,there must needs be a Father and if a Father, then also a Mother.

20. To every creature of the earth, to everything that liveth in thewaters beneath, to every fowl of the air and everything that creepeth onthe earth have I given every herb and plant of the earth for its sustenancein its own season.

21. And God said, Everything have I given to man for his use in itsseason and for its purpose.

22. And God saw everything that he had created and saw that it was goodfor nothing exists but was created by the Father.

23. Everything created by the Father was good to be used by man in itsown time and season. And the morning and evening was the sixth day.

24. On the seventh day, God rested from all his labors.

25. God and all the hosts of heaven rejoiced and gave thanks.


1. This is the generations of the creation of the of the heavens aboveand the earth below. Every plant and herb of the field before it was grewon the earth; for God had not created man to till the field.

2. The Lord God formed man's body from the dust of the ground and breathedinto his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being witha living soul.

3. Man was born of the spirit and lived with the Father before beingborn in the flesh according to the Plan of the Father.

4. The planet nearest the place where God the Father dwells is namedKolob.

5. Kolob, differs from the reckoning of time of man on the earth.

6. One year to God, according to His reckoning, is like unto a thousandyears to man according to his reckoning.


1. David Wadsworth took his loyal and faithful companion and dog, Chingu,up above San Francisco to the Russian River to write and finish editinga book for publication.

2. After they had arrived, David was taking Chingu for a ride to getfamiliar with the area.

3. David drove his Jeep up to River Road and waited for traffic to pass.

4. When the last, Westbound car passed, David started to go but sawa pickup truck coming around a curve 1,000 feet to the east.

5. David took his foot off the gas as his foot came off the clutch andpropelled him out into the lane of the on coming traffic.

6. David immediately felt the jeep engine die.

7. David tried to restart the jeep but the Jeep wouldn't start.

8. David let the starter solenoid cool and tried to restart the engine.Just as it started, the westbound truck hit him at about 55 mph sendinghim to the hospital conscious of what had and was happening.

9. Chingu, David's loyal and faithful companion was badly shaken upand confused but he had been strapped in with his seat belt on and didn'thave a scratch.

10. Besides the jeep being completely totaled, a concussion to the head,a one inch gash in his left leg where the metal from he door jug into theflesh and a gash in the back of is head that had stopped bleeding afterit had gushed out a lot of blood covering his shoulders, the seat and cloths,David wasn't hurt, bad!

11. After being hit from the left side at 55 mph, David was in the hospitalfor three hour under observation then released.

12. Following his release, the Lord cautioned David that, The forcesof hell are arrayed against you but continue to remain faithful, continueto write as I instruct you and above all else, use the utmost caution andcare in all your comings and goings.

13. David measured the distance and the truck had 1,000 feet to stopbut failed to apply the brakes until the last 40 feet before impact. Thepolice officer subsequently charged David with Failure to Yield The Rightof Way and wrote in his report that David didn't see the truck althoughDavid told him the truck had just rounded the curve when he pulled out.

14. A messenger of the Lord revealed to David, The ludicrous absurdityof the charges is evidence that Satan will do everything in his power tostop you. Stay faithful and prayerful and you will be victorious over thedevil.


1. I AM that I AM. Jehovah, the Lord your God, did not consecrate theland of Israel for the descendants of Abraham to kill their cousins andnephews, other descendants of Abraham.

2. For I made a covenant with Abraham that his descendants would bea great and mighty nation, exceedingly numerous as the sands of the sea.

3. To the descendants of Abraham, did I give the land of Canaan fromthe river of Egypt unto the great river Euphrates for an inheritance.

4. Know ye not that your brethren, the Children of Ishmael have receivedtheir inheritance?

5. The Children of Issac have turned your back on their God and theirinheritance.

6. Was it any different for Ishmael to sell his birthright to Jacobfor a pot of porridge than for the descendants of the House of Israel togive up their inheritance for false peace, solitude and false Gods?

7. Your prophets prophesied you would return to the land of your inheritancebut that did not mean you had an unconditional right to return. You forsookme and gave up or inheritance. When you returned, did ye compensate theworkers of the soil or take their land and drive them out?


1. The Lord spoke unto David, His servant saying,, You have some misgivingsabout some of the utterances of the Professional Faith Merchants of yourday, the Twentieth Century Pharisees and Sadducees? Ask and it shall begiven to you unless it is not pertinent to man's temporal salvation.

2. Lord, they are saying that a baby becomes a living being at the momentof conception. When does life begin.

3. Life begins when the soul enters to body and the infant becomes aliving being!

4. Lord, then tell me when he soul enters to body?

5. Have I not revealed that to man since the beginning of time? Wasnot the physical body of Adam created from the dust of the earth? Whendid Adam become a living being. The soul's spiritual body resembles thefeatures of a grown and mature individual.

6. It is not proper that I tell man what he must think. For if I did,mankind would cease to develop and progress.

7. Tell the people they are delving into ultra technical and fine pointsof the law and interpreting other aspects of the law to suit themselves.

8. Every man is endowed with my spirit to guide him through life thathe might one day return to the presence of the Father. I do not work throughpaid ministers or faith merchants to interpret what I will reveal to anindividual.

9. I am pleased that people want to avoid extracting an unborn fetusfor man has abused the gift revealed to man to protect the life of themother. However, they are relying upon the learned men of your day to redefinetruth.

10. I am greatly distressed that mankind uses extracting an unborn fetusinstead of utilizing the Gift of Homosexuality to prevent child birth.

11. Those espousing the name Pro-Life are liars and are truly Pro-Deathfor they are the same who deny mankind the divinely inspired and sanctionedfreedom sought for all mankind.


1. September 10, 1993, the Lord spoke unto David His servant saying,I am deeply troubled by those paid ministers, Professional Faith Merchantswho profess to be shepherds of my flock while seeking to drive his fellowman from me because the individual does not understand the Father's Plannor what I did and did not say when I came to earth to die on the crossfor man's sins.

2. They draw nigh to me with their lips but their hearts are far fromme.

3. I shall wipe the earth clean of their wicked ways as it is a scourgeupon the land.

(I sensed the Lord was very angry)


1. The Word of the Lord came unto David, His servant saying, My son,known to man as Kurt Cobain was highly regarded by many people.

2. His dependency on a refined substance and death were because he couldn'tlive with his feelings for other men for fear of what it do to his wifeand child should they ever know.

3. He is now in the bosom of the Father.

4. He regrets what his death has done to his girl and wife. He lovedthem both.

5. Many more will die in like manner until my truth is made known tothe children of man.

6. What manner of abomination hath a man committed before the Lord thyGod should he love another man and not put away his wife and child.

7. A man can only do evil by behaving irresponsibly creating unwantedand uncared-for offspring or by putting away his wife and child.

8. In as much as he relied upon foreign substances, he sinned againsthimself, and defiled his body which is the tabernacle of God. The wagesof his sin was death.

9. My son did not sin in his desire for another man but in the takingof his own life.


1. According to the earnestness, humility and faithfulness of my children,I will make my will known through my prophets who are sent to you to teachyou of Me, my ways and my desires for mankind.

2. My servant Joseph Smith is with the Father even now.

3. Joseph tried to restore my basic truths and bring enlightenment andknowledge to mankind.

4. My servant, Joseph was about o reveal my truths but some of his ownpeople, members and non-members rejected him and the message he was toreveal. and killed him before his work was finished.

5. Joseph, ye even my servant, was valiant to the end. He shall reaphis reward.


1. May 27, 1994, the Lord spoke unto David His servant saying, Becauseof man's incessant thirst for irrelevant facts which they regard as truthwhile disregarding the truths that the Lord their God gave them, I, yourLord & Savior, Jesus Christ, reveal to you that ten Percent of themankind is not homosexual or even two percent.

2. There are no homosexuals and there are no heterosexuals. Homosexualand heterosexual are words created by man to understand and explain andlater by your faith merchants to prejudice the very gifts of which I, theLord your God endowed all mankind.

3. The Gift of the Father of brotherly and sisterly love as given tomankind by the Father is the be used by man to help him obey my commandments,to honor females birthright, to eliminate rape, to eliminate sex betweenchildren before they are able to marry and care for an infant, to teachman the proper use and control of his biological urges and above all, tobe utilized with thanksgiving learning to control your own environment.

4. You have frequently lamented because I the Lord you God did not laydown the law as you would say, and at least tell man the proper use ofthe gifts of the Father. It is not the plan of the Father that I commandmankind in all things. You have sought declarative revelation.

5. The Lord your God did not error in creating mankind. All life wascreated perfectly the same allowing individuality.


Following a CNN broadcast of the program Larry King Live with Nick Charlesduring which Nick Charles interviewed a psychiatrist who claims to be ableto cure people of their homosexuality and one married man who claims tohave been cured of his homosexuality. David, God's servant, was retiringto bed:

1. June 9, 1994, the Lord spoke unto David His servant saying, Ariseand write the things I command you to write for a warning unto my people.

2. Lord, let my fingers be the instrument through which you speak tomankind. Not my will or thoughts but thy will be done that thy messagebe given.

3. The Lord God said, Beware, my children, of charlatans claiming tohave been what they were not. Many come wrapped in the false shroud ofa love, using my name saying they will help you change. Others say, inmy name they can change a person from the right or from the left when therehave no need to change.

4. Truly, the charlatans have need to repent before they die in theirsins of fostering hate while line their pockets with the Satan's gold.

5. My truths which I gave to you, sought only that you love the Lordyour God with all thy heart, mind, might and strength and that ye loveone another as I have loved you.

6. If a man love his neighbor as himself, the ancient law of hospitalitydoes not demand his neighbor change to meet a his wishes nor his beliefof what is right or what is wrong.

7. The Great I AM gave man few commandments to live by, and obey intreating his fellow man.

8. Mankind appears to be incapable of living except by heaping uponhimself the burdensome yoke of a taskmaster as did my children, the Houseof Israel, in beginning of time. They learned nothing from the taskmasterbut the observance of a burdensome law which they still fail to keep.

9. It is not good for you that I command you in all things for he thatis becomes an unwise and slothful servant.

10. You have not prevailed over your adversaries, the communists. Authoritariancommunism is not dead but lives in the hearts, minds and acts of many ofyour people professing my name.

11. Mankind is not capable of allowing others the freedom to live naturallyas I created him if in so doing, that person's life choices differs fromhis own.

12. Mankind is abominable in his insistent that others conform to theirwill.

13. For this reason, I endowed every man with the Spirit of God whenhe is born into the world that he may be judged by his own actions andnot a few self-appointed saviors of mankind.

14. If charlatans were truly concerned with the salvation of mankind,he would not blaspheme My gift which I, the Lord your God gave to mankindto control the pollution of earth but would encourage man to use my giftsproperly.

15. The earth is heavily burdened by the iniquities of the men of hatewanting to control the actions of others by blaspheming my gift.

16. The earth is polluted with people in too little room. For that reason,there is much crime.

17. In many countries of the world, people are so congested, preciouslife has no meaning.

18. For this reason was there a war in heaven and the Son of the Morningcast out of heaven along with a third of the sons and daughters of God.

19. Lucifer, the great deceiver, wanted to force everyone to obey God'slaws and insure everyone be saved.

20. The disciples of the father of lies and hate do error saying thatI commanded man that he should not lie with his own kind. I gave man nosuch commandment.

21. There is no need to change from that which is natural. For everythinghas a time, a season and a purpose under heaven.

22. Surely the hour is drawing nigh when every living thing on earthwill be greatly tormented because of the hateful abomination and blasphemousacts of the few who would seek to control mankind in my name.

23. I will come as a thief in the night to reclaim my throne and vanquishall those who blaspheme Me and defile My name.. When I do, there will begrievous weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth by the men of hate andthe disciples of Satan.

24. Get thee up and warn mankind to prepare and make ready the way ofthe Lord for when I come I will not show mercy to those who have defiledmy teachings and turned many of my children from Me.

25. The hour is nigh at hand when all must needs be judged accordingto his own actions while in the flesh.


1. Oh Lord! Please instruct me according to your Will concerning thephenomenon currently called Sex change by those of one gender who aren'thappy with the physical attributes which you have given them and born withbecause they truly feel they are physically the wrong gender based on theirinner most emotions. A friend says he feels more like a female with thesame desires, emotional and functional attributes are those attributedto females.

2. It is not the Will of God that mankind alter his or her physicalattributes.

3. Man is that he might have joy and in that joy, prove to himself orherself that which the Lord your God already knows the man or woman willdo.

4. For this is the judgment of mankind.

5. The Lord your God is a compassionate but a just God. Man must needjudge himself.

6. Man has learned how to alter the gender of his or her physical inaccordance with his or her emotions at that moment in time.

7. Man was born of the flesh, the same as he or she was in the spiritof God the Father.

8. Man can not alter the attributes his or her spirit as a result ofmaiming, amputation or surgery cased by an accident, an act of war, orchoice.

9. It is not man who needs to alter his or her physical attributes butrather society must alter the rigid, pernicious, ungodly constraints puton mankind and they must return to the Lord your God.

10. All life must needs evolves otherwise it ceases to be life.

11. Life left unconstrained and unrestricted by unnatural tethers ofman's own fears, naturally evolves in accordance with the Plan and Purposeof God.

12. For I said unto you, Oh thou hypocrite, first cast out the beamout of thine own eye; then thou can surely see clearly to cast the moteout of thy brother's eye.

13. I said unto you, Judge not lest ye be judged, but man has not hearkenedunto my words.

14. O foolish man. He would rather pay a faith merchant to tell himwhat to believe rather than humble himself before me and hearken to mywords allowing My Holy Spirit to manifest the truth unto him.

15. What then will be the judgment of one who tampers with the creationof God and changes his or her gender?

16. Such is the wisdom and mercy of your Almighty God.

17. God knows all and is compassionate to all.

18. Man may alter his or her physical appearance which matters littlefor the Lord your God looks upon the heart.

19. The Lord your God will judge the society of man far more harshlyfor its pernicious intolerance causing some men to take refuge in the attributesof the opposite gender.

20. For the Judgment will be what man has done with what he was givenand he will judge himself.


1. Lord, speak to me and tell me why, if heterosexual intercourse outsidethe bonds of wedlock, is and should be strongly discouraged, why then doesLeviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13 only speak about men lying with a gadheshor a temple prostitute used in pagan fertility rituals? Homosexual intercoursedoes not create a life and thereby, does not seek to thwart the Plan ofGod for Mankind, however, heterosexual intercourse does.

2. My son, David, there are several reasons of which the altering ofmy written word by the Father of Lies and his emissaries back during themeridian of time is a major factor.

3. During the days or Abraham, my people thought that a woman was barrenbecause she found not favor in mine eyes. Because of the Lucifer, the Fatherof Lies, women were thought to be of little and no importance.

4. I have made my will known to man but Lucifer's emissaries have alteredmy word. It is not my Will nor the Father's that I command man in all things.

5. For he that is, is an unwise and slothful servant and mankind wouldbecome as the Israelites during the days of Isaiah and the prophets oras the Russian people during the days of the Satan's dominion over thepeople.

6. The salvation of mankind would be thwarted and the universe wouldbe thrown into chaos.

7. Man now knows the truth of his own creation and mortality however,in the space of a few minutes according to reckoning of God, man has rapedand plundered his inheritance and the inheritance of his children becauseof his on insatiable lust and greed.

8. Your Lord came to earth during, what was to be the meridian of time,however, as was prophesied, mankind is presently on the brink of usheringin Armageddon and on the utter destruction of mankind centuries beforethe day of the earth's passing.

9. My word you have has been altered, nor do you have my entire wordrevealed to the prophets.

10. You Lord is very sad in that I have given man the basic truths bywhich to treat one another and live in harmony with all of the Father'screation,

11. But because of the enticing of the Great Evil One, Lucifer, theFather of Lies, my precepts have been altered, maligned and cast for naught.

12. Satan delights in the confusion of man.


1. My servant, know ye and make it known to my children, scripturesare given to man, not as commandments, for it is not my will nor the willof the Father to command man in all things.

2. I give man my wisdom to help him live with his brothers and fellowman,my children.

3. I am constantly concerned for the welfare of all my children.


1. While studying the Scriptures including The Koran, I came acrossthe following passage in The Koran:

THE COW 2:139 p 20

Do you know better than God Himself? Who is more wicked than the manwho hides a testimony he has received from God? God is never heedless ofwhat you do.

2. I heard a voice say; Deny me not. You have been entrusted with animportant task to accomplish for your Lord which if you are loyal and faithfulto me as your Chingu is to you, you shall accomplish that which I havecommanded.


1. Lord, please make known to me whether Muhammad was your prophet untohis people or whether he was a false prophet and why he says you were aprophet and not the son of God?

2. David, my servant! A prophet is a prophet when he speaks as a prophetand says, thus sayeth the Lord. Otherwise, he speaks as a man. Prophetsare men and it is possible for all men to error, however, a prophet willless likely error than other men.

3. I will never allow a prophet will never lead my people astray. Mypeople should never accept blindly what any man says.

4. My servant, Muhammad was given that portion of my gospel that hispeople could accept and that would prepare them to accept the fullnessof my gospel.

5. However, men have altered Muhammad's teachings to promote Satan'sdesigns.

6. The stench of death they cause among the people in the land, criesout of the ground for Justice.

7. Surely, it will be better for the inhabitants of Sodom & Gomorrahthan for these men in the Last Days.


1. God's servant, Muhammad, came to, David, the servant of God and said,Write what I tell you concerning the disbelievers of God, that you maymake it may be made known to my people that they too may shed the shacklesof ignorance and be counted among the believers of God lest they dwellin the idolatrous traditions of their fathers.

2. Disbelievers of God, evil minded men and defilers of God's sacredtruth, who refuse to pay homage to God because He came through their cousins, Mary's lineage, have altered my teachings to support their own doctrinesof Satan.

3. Be weary, for these are they that preach murder and retribution toavenge their idol, their God. The evil forces of Satan shall be rebuffedby God and shall not succeed.

4. Know this! God is not impotent nor must rely on the strength of mento avenge Himself of what His adherents think is a wrong done by man totheir God.

5. Those worshipers of false Gods and idol worships show their follyand foolishness. They preach abominable doctrine contrary to the scripturesand our teachings.

6. Muhammad taught in THE COW 2:77-83

¶ DO THEY not know that God has knowledge of all theyhide and all that they reveal?

¶ There are illiterate men among them who, ignorant of the scriptures,know of nothing but lies and vague fancies. Woe to those that write thescriptures with their own hands and then declare: This is from God, inorder to gain some paltry end. Woeful shall be their fate, because of whattheir hands have written, because of that which they have gained!

¶ They declare: The Fire will never touch us - except for a fewdays. Say: Did God make you such a promise - God will not break His promise- or do you assert about God what you have no means of knowing?

¶ Truly, those that commit evil and become engrossed in sin shallbe the inmates of the Fire; there they shall abide for ever. But thosethat have faith and do good works are the heirs of Paradise; there theyshall abide for ever.

¶ When We made a covenant with the Israelites We said, Serve nonebut God. Show kindness to your parents, to your kinsfolk, to the orphans,and to the destitute. Exhort men to righteousness. Attend to your prayersand render the alms levy. But you all broke your covenant except a few,and gave no heed.


1. The Word of God came to David His servant saying, The Lord your Godis very pleased that man has sought to limit his use your medical procedureof the terminating a pregnancy but He very displeased with the manner inwhich many have sought to fight against those who deem it necessary.

2. Many have spread pernicious lies in my name and would force compliancewith their wishes.

3. Such were and are the actions of the antichrist.

4. They would seek to legislate and force compliance through your courts.

5. I would that man would first seek truth.

6. Truth is devoid of excessive emotions.

7. Truth and love are God.

8. Hate, fear and intimidation to force compliance are of Satan.

9. I would that man discuss things in a calm, rational manner and cometo a consensus based on agreement of all parties.


1. The word of God was given to David, His servant that man may knowof his common bonds and heritage with that of his fellowman, that man mightstop the warring with his brethren and live in peace as the Lord your Godintended.

2. The descendants of Ishmael are the brethren of the descendants ofIssac with whom I made my everlasting covenant.

3. It pains me to see brethren fight against brethren and lay wastetheir inhabitance.

4. It is more fitting that they should live in peace, love and harmony,living and working together for the common good of the other.

5. For this cause were the prophets given to the Israelites and Muhammadto the descendants of Ishmael that they may know and understand the willof the Lord their God.


1. For several months now, my mind and heart has been in a quandaryover my call to heal AIDS patients from the HIV Virus, raise the dead andin general, attest that the Power of God is alive and well and that itis still available to mankind on earth.

2. The one underlying quandary is, I'm told I should add, dependentupon your belief and faith in God. That is all well and fine to say ifthe individual performing the ordinance is renown for being who he claimsto be, and has a track record for having the authority and successfullyadministering the ordinance but if the person is not well know, let aloneknown at all.

3. Of great concern to me was, until word of Christ's reputation hadspread, who were the people Christ healed and how strong was their faithor did Christ just heal them despite their faith or lack of it?

4. I have offered to perform the rights on scores of people, but asof yet, none one has been healed by God's power. One person left El Santuariovery suddenly and rapidly without even an explanation.

5. As I was sitting contemplating my calling and the way I'm handlingit:

6. The Word of God came unto David, his servant saying, Is it not sufficientfor that person just have the desire to get well and to submit oneselfto the authority of God?

7. As I give to you freely without reservation or judgment of you faithfulness,so too, are you commanded to go forth healing the sick and raising thedead, without judgment, that people will know that I am the Lord theirGod.


1. The Word of God came to David His servant saying, The Lord your Godcan not look upon sin with the least degree of allowance. However, perniciousare those who say, All sin is of equal transgression.

2. There are three basic types of sin. Sin against oneself, sin againstone's fellowman and sin against the Lord your God. Sinning against oneselfis not as grievous as sinning against God.

3. When I made my will known to my prophets, I was not desirous to tellman what to do and how to do it but only give man guidelines to follow.

4. If man follows these guidelines which my prophets called commandments,that man will return to the presence of the Father.

5. If man fails to keep my commandments, he will sin and the wages ofsin is death.

6. Your ancestors were like young children and not versed in the waysof the world.

7. The Law I gave to Moses was to prepare the Children of Israel forthe day when the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be preached to them, theywould readily accept the loving grace of Jehovah their God.

8. However, the Children of Israel grew to rely on the yoke around theirnecks and refused to let the Holy Spirit into their hearts and to thinkfor themselves without the yoke of the law.

9. He that fails to think with the brain he was blessed with, becomesas a sheep, following what is written in the law, going through the motionsas one paints by numbers.

10. The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life.

11. Forgiveness is much easier for the Lord to grant to those who aresincere in their hearts and honestly try to keep my commandments but fallsshort, than it is to grant forgiveness to those who, like sheep, adhereto and follow the letter of the law and don't feeling it too onerous andconsequently rebel against the Lord their God.

12. When I spoke to the prophets, they expressed in their language whatI told them. With the help of My angels, they wrote so their people couldunderstand the will of God. It need not be word for word to be valid, otherwisewhy would I not do it myself? It's not the will of the Father that I commandman in all things.

13. The prophets understood sin to be that which was to be avoided.

14. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai and witnessed the Childrenof Israel worshipping the golden calf, rejecting Me and My Gospel, Moseswas not an easy task master.

15. I was forgiving but Moses spent 40 days pleading with Me not tobe lenient, therefore, when it came time to enter the promised land, Idid not permit Moses to go with them.

16. The Lord your God is very forgiving but to be forgiven, man mustbe able to think and reason for himself. The glory of God is intelligence.

17. Your foolish professional faith merchants like to say, The Lordcan not look upon sin with the least degree of allowance, however, notall sin is of equal importance. Would man that the Lord your God punisha child for an inappropriate behavior as I would a man or woman who killsanother?


1. The Word of God came to David His servant saying, Foolish men say,Unless as person accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they aregoing to hell.

2. Can the Lord your God be so thoughtless and inconsiderate regardingthe welfare of my people, that my judgment will not be just and perfect?

3. Man is to live by faith. He is to study and pray to gain greaterwisdom and understanding of the will of God.

4. Has man been born with a perfect recollection of life with the Father,faith would be unnecessary and the judgment would have been negated asknowledge would have been perfect.

5. However, man was not permitted a perfect recollection of life withthe Father and the judgment of the Lord thy God is perfect.

6. Many there are who profess to have accepted their Lord and God astheir Savior who will be cast down to hell with the unbelievers, the sinners,the backbiters, the whoremongers, the slanderers and the murders.

7. For many who profess my name have caused an even greater sin to fallupon the earth. They have killed the spirit of man and driven him fromMe.

8. Many there are who are professional faith merchants who as Isaiahprophesied, In the last days, men will draw near me with their lips buttheir hearts are far from me , teaching as though it were doctrine, thecommandments of men.

9. For I do not chastise the pure in heart and spirit, For they shallsee God.

10. But he that constrains my love, mercy and justice will I surelyconstraint even to hell.

11. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not the final test mankind will haveto complete before he will inherit salvation and eternal life.

12. As the Holy Spirit bears witness of Me, and I of the Father, sothe Law of Moses and Islam bears witness of and prepares the people forthe Gospel of Jesus, which in turn prepares mankind for the Law of Eloheim.

13. It was adherence to the Law of Eloheim the Father that Enoch wassaved and caught up to the Lord God. He was a righteous and perfect man.

14. The Law of Moses was to prepare the descendants of Jacob for theGospel of Jesus Christ.

15. Muhammad was given revelations to prepare the descendants of Ishmaelfor the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

16. It is the will of the father that all mankind throughout the earth,should have prophets to teach, lead and guide their people. The Fatheris not desirous that his children should dwell in ignorance and unbelief.

17. Through man's acceptance of and adherence to the gospel of JesusChrist, man will be given the supreme Law of Eloheim.


1. The Word of God came to David His servant saying, The Lord you Godis desirous that man will keep the commandments because he realizes mycommandments are for his edification and he wants to keep them, not onlybecause I have told him he must.

2. Man was not made that I might issue commandments but commandmentswere made to help man live with his fellowman.

3. It is not proper nor the will of the Father that I command man inall things. He that is commanded in all things, will not be given to thinkingand deciding for himself whether to keep my commandments or not.

4. He that is commanded in all things, can not be judged of his loveof God and willingness to keep the commandments of God. He is absolvedof that guilt. The guilt be upon the heads of his rulers.

5. Is the Lord your God so thoughtless and unloving that He would permitman's rulers to command a man contrary to the will of God then judge theman's actions as if they were based on his own thoughts and not the ruler's.

6. I the Lord God will deal more harshly with the ruler than my childwho was commanded to go astray.

7. All of the prophets and commandments were given to man to help himlearn how to live in harmony with the earth, his home, and his fellowmanof he flesh, his brothers and sisters of the spirit.

8. I have revealed to man through my prophets that portion which heis able to receive. The fool says, We have received the fullness of God'slaw. Can he control your weather? Can he create an animal or a human withonly your science?

9. Man must learn line upon line, precept upon precept. He must learnto walk before he is able to run.

10. I have revealed the fullness of that portion which man has beenable to receive.

11. Moses received the fullness of the law that would prepare the Israelitesto receive a greater portion of the truth.

11. For this is my work, my and the Father's glory, to bring to passthe immortality, eternal life and eternal progression of those who loveme and seek to keep my commandments.

12. For he that tries to keep my commandments truly loves Me and himself.He observes the spirit of the Law.

13. Few there are who truly love Me. Many there are who praise me witha loud voice to be seen of others.

14. Man, in his infinite impudence, thinks he has already surpassedthe righteousness of Enoch's or that of his people.


1. The Word of God came to David His servant saying, Fear not what manmay do to you for preaching My word, the reward laid up for you in heavenshall be multiplied beyond number or mans ability to measure.

2. Know that I am the Lord thy God.

3. If for my sake, thou art accused with all manner of false accusations;if thine enemies fall upon thee; if they tear thee from the society ofthy father and mother and brethren and sisters; and if with a drawn swordthine enemies tear thee from the bosom of thy spouse and offspring, andif thy loved ones shalt be thrust from thee by the sword, and thou be draggedinto prison, and thine enemies prowl around thee like wolves to lap upthe blood of the lamb;

4. And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers,and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep;if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thineenemy; if the heavens gather blackness and all the elements combine toform an obstacle against thee; and above all, if the very jaws of hellshall gape open its mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that allthese things shall give thee experience, build steadfast character, andshall be for thy good.

5. The Son of Man, ye even Jesus Christ he Son of God hath descendedbelow them all. Art thou greater than He?

6. Fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and everuntil the end of time.

[Until the 36th chapter, the attempt was made to put God or Hismessenger's words in quotes. However, because I frequently forgot, becauseneither the Torah, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Priceor the Doctrine & Covenants or the Koran attempted to set off the wordsGod or His messenger spoke and because my inadequacies and failings wouldbe used to discount the validity of what God has revealed, I have gonethrough and deleted most or all quotation ( " ) marks.]


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