You decide for yourself, but God has already spoken!

On June 10, 1996, Ralph Reed said on Larry King Live that it is nothis nor his antichristian "Christian Coalition's" desire "to punish orcriminalize women who have an abortion only the doctors who perform abortions."Ralph Reed has a degree in History so he is educated and not just in religiouspolemics. I don't believe he is that ignorant of the law, it's purpose,the way it's utilization and I don't believe he truly believes the lieshe is foisting upon the people.

What is the purpose of seeking a constitutional amendment as opposedto an ordinary law? Constitutional amendments are extremely difficult tooverturn and in this case, would enshrine and canonize Satan's influencein the affairs of these United States. American would cease to seek education,truth and righteousness in favor of force, intimidation and coercion orincarceration of people. Satan lost that battle when he forsook Communismin favor of the Ronald Wilson Reagan (666) and the "Christian Coalition"but he has re-engaged the war for the hearts and minds of man.

Ralph Reed and the "Christian Coalition" have not abandoned their statedgoal and objective to seek a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion.By outlawing an abortion, the person who has an abortion is automaticallyan accomplice to a felony. That, in and of itself, contrary to Ralph Reed'slies, automatically "criminalizes" both the person performing the abortionand the woman who has the abortion. As a result of violating the law, aperson will be jailed or imprisoned. That is the only teeth of any law!Although their stated goal is to eliminate abortions, by their actions,the only goal they will accomplish which is also the only purpose for seekinga constitutional amendment will be, if they can't stop it, punish thosewho have a abortion. This will have the affect of forcing women into backalleys and even to use a coat hanger to abort themselves. What then willRalph Reed and his "Christian Coalition" do to a female who self aborteda fetus? You're right! If she lives, she will go directly to jail, willnot pass "Go" and will not be allowed a "get out of jail free" card. Thatwas the whole purpose of Roe v Wade. Are we to go back in time?

Ralph Reed: EDUCATE DON'T LEGISLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legislationis to force people to behave or be punished for not behaving. Educationseeks to win the hearts and minds of the people, the only stated purposeand goal of God!

To win over the minds of the marginally wishy washy, Ralph Reed andhis antichristian "Christian Coalition" are willing to lie, deceive thepublic and say they are not seeking to "criminalize" the female but rather,only the doctor. However, once enacted into law, contrary to the lies RalphReed and his "Christian Coalition" propagate, his commentary and explanationsof even those lawmakers who enacted the law are totally worthless. Thelaw becomes the strict and precise language of the law enacted. The languageof the proposed law makes Ralph Reed a liar, a deceiver, a disciple ofSatan, an antichrist.

On 7/12/96, Kristy Hammerick of the "Christian Coalition" reaffirmedtheir efforts to seek a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion butadded, "we respect each person's right to choose..." Then why are theyseeking a constitutional amendment? Of course they respect one's rightto choose, right now! By law, they have to UNTIL theytrick the American People into passing a Constitutional Amendment. Thenthey won't have to respect anyone's right to choose because you won't havea right to choose. It'll be illegal and people that so choose will be criminalsfacing a life of incarceration. That is deceitful, the epitome of Satan'slies! God told The Son of the Morning when he and a third of God's son'sand daughters were cast out of heaven, you shall be called Lucifer or deceiver.

The antichristian "Christian Coalition" uses the emotional tear jerker"killing innocent unborn life" because it makes good sound bits and createsa highly emotionally charged atmosphere. No one can rightfully or ethicallyattack someone's belief. But that's all it is, "an unchristian, ungodly,dastardly and pernicious belief." However, they don't tell you that itis "their belief." They make it sound like it was not only the revealedword of God from the beginning of time but is also medically sound.

GOD'S QUESTIONS TO SATAN'S EMISSARIES: When is life, life? Canyou have unborn life [Hint: That's a contradiction in terms, anoxymoron.]? If so, what is your authority? Is the term "partial birth"the truth of a lie? Who created mankind, Satan or God? What does God sayon the subject of when man became a living being? [Another Hint:It's very easy! Read Gen. 2:7, the mortal creation, "...and breathed intohis nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." Not before!]

Ralph Reed and his antichristian "Christian Coalition" skirt these questionsrefusing to say, "We believe..." because it would be all over for themif they did and because they would rather engage in an emotional battlemaking the people think it is medically and scientifically possible ratherthan confront real issues on a spiritual or intellectual level.

If Ralph Reed and the "Christian Coalition" really want to stop abortionor any practice for that matter, they would do it the way God intended.They would not seek to force, to compel, to restrict but would seek toinfluence, to persuade, to educate. God purposely gave man extremely fewif any absolutes and told us to seek after truth and righteousness, notto force, compel or coerce. The Christian Coalition is seeking to nullifythe ultimate Judgment of man. That was Satan's plan for which he and athird of our spiritual brothers and sisters were cast out of heaven!

An Antichrist is defined as:

an-ti-christ n. 1. An enemy of Christ. 2. Antichrist The epithetof the great antagonist who was expected by the early Church to set himselfup against Christ in the last days before the Second Coming. 3. A falseChrist.

An antichrist is one who is an enemy of Christ, not just in wordsbut also in deeds. Only Satan, Satan's emissaries and an antichrist wouldseek to force others to follow or adhere to his, her or their beliefs.

Ralph Reed is an enemy of Christ since he knowingly, intentionally andpurposefully bares false witness (boldface lies), ignores the Word of Godand seeks after Satan's plan to force and coerce man by legislating asopposed to persuading and educating. This is the very definition of anantichrist.

I beseech Ralph Reed to call, write or come and see me about how hecan erase this blemish from his Book of Life before he dies in his sinsand goes through an eternity of hell fire and brimstone.

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David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

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