The Revealed Word Of God



David R.W. Wadsworth was called, as was prophesied anciently,to lead the children of God in the last day, out of slavery and bondageof ignorance and fear. His calling, mission, purpose, objective is to restoresanity to human existence, help teach mankind the proper use of sexualityand by doing so, hopefully mitigate or a assuage the affects of Armageddon,to administer to Gai people everywhere, to marry and give in marriage,to heal the sick, to heal AIDS patients and to endeavor to turn mankindback to the true knowledge and belief in their Eternal Father. By healingAIDS Patients, David will show all mankind, God's universal and unconditionallove and acceptance for everyone of his children.

David's message and warning is very simple! Satan is usingProfessional Hatemongers, Religionists and Faith Merchant Antichrists toturn brother against brother, father against mother and mother againstfather, parents against children and children against parents and neighboragainst neighbor in an effort to undermine the cohesiveness of man's civilizationand destroy God's Plan for Mankind.

David's effort is to turn the hearts of gai people everywhereback to God, our eternal Father and creator and destroy the malicious mythsbeing circulated by the antichrists. Satan wins when man fights againstor kills one another but Satan loses when man helps and loves one another!God is love, Satan is hate!

God the Father, Allah or the One and Only True Buddha wantsman to know that regardless of whether you're Christian, Hindu, Jewish,Muslim or, yes, even Buddhist, there is no other God but him and He ordainedheterosexuality and homosexuality for proper use by men before this earthor any world was created, "Worlds without end has the Father created!"