This earthlife is to live and learn, make mistakes and learn from thosemistakes, not obliterate those mistake as though they never happened! Ifone fails to learn from the past, he is doomed to repeat it's errors!

I sincerely hope and pray that this finds its way over to Russia andin the hands of the Russian people. I write this not out of a maliciousdesire to condemn or belittle, but out of an honest and sincere desireto help my brothers and sisters living in the far off land of Russia tocherish, hold dear and learn from their entire history, not selectivelyeradicate, purge and expunge that which some wish to forget. The fact is,every nation, every country and all people have things in their historysome would like it forget, but expunging it from history doesn't erasethe hurt, the torture, the injustice. Only making sure that it will neverhappen again, makes the indefensible, slightly more tolerable for some.

Since 1991, some of the Russian people people have sought to eradicatefrom their consciousness, any reminder of Lenin, Stalin and others of thatcommunist era, tearing down statues, removing bodies from graveyards andpulverizing any public reminder. Still, others have nostalgically longedfor the opulence of being freed from having a care or worry and being takencare of by the state from birth till death, as long as one did what thestate said.

While I understand and sympathize with Russians who are repulsed bytheir former leaders, for the hell and havoc they wrecked in the livesof the Russian people. The Russian people made a bad mistake. You've paidfor it. Live and learn. Every nation has made its share of mistakes. YourCommunists leaders thought they were doing the best for the Russian people.The problem is, they believed they were right so strongly, they jailedand killed anyone who told them otherwise. With no reminders of what towatch out for, what to be on the alert for and what to avoid if at allpossible, I fear the Russian people may be laying the groundwork for repeatingthe errors of their fathers!

Currently in Germany, promulgated by the subsequent generation and therevisionists of history of the past generation seeking not to be remindedof the evils they have and can wrought, many people are beginning to denythat the holocaust ever took place and still others are attempting to eradicateany mention of the evils of the holocaust from their public education.In like manner, if the Russian people have no idea of where they've comefrom, how will they ever know where they are going? Have nothing to remindthem of the pain of their past errors, it will be increasingly easier forsubsequent generations to nostalgically pine for the days when the state,supposedly, relieved its citizens of the need to think or have any concernabout their life as long as they were compliant citizens.

While I have no personal knowledge of the holocaust, I have talked topeople who were at Auschwitz and Buchenwald and can empathize with allthe survivors of any concentration camp. I can also empathize also withall the Russian people as well as, for that matter, some American peopleduring some very disturbing times here in our own country. For that reason,it is my modest opinion that man must record history, accurately as ithappens and seek not to glorify if, tear it down or revise it in any waybut learn from it.

I do not deny that Stalin was in some of many if not most respects,to many people, ruthless of his pursuit of a Communist utopian society.While not being man of God but rather denying His very existence and doingeverything they can to stamp out man's of faith in God, it is very easyfor me to understand, now, how absolute power corrupted absolutely.

I hope, however, you can also understand and appreciate that beneaththe hard, ruthless exterior, existed very proud, fiercely loyal, nationalisticand dedicated Russians with their minds solidly fixed on the eradicationof what to them was the [pariah] of the masses, the czar or Russia. Historyis also replete with examples of how some leaders who, while they soughtthe betterment of some of their people, others also paid a very heavy andstiff penalty.

John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States said, "Thosewho fail to learn from their past are doomed to repeat it errors."

It is axiomatic that a person can't know where he is going unless heknows where he has been.

While it is true the former leaders of the Russian people and theirpeople did a lot of evil as some contend the czar and/or some of his people.they also did a lot of good, at least for some. It is the duty of eachgeneration to accurately portray the accomplishments as well as the evilsand short comings of their fathers generation, learn from them and endeavornot to repeat the same mistakes. In this way, hopefully each succeedinggeneration will inherit a better world than did the generation before it.

One should zealously protect factual history in all its wonder, gloryand splendor as well its evils, faults and problems. Learn from history,don't try to eradicate or expunge it!

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293

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