As an introduction to this section, what little I do get out and talkwith people, in a recent response to number of questions I posed aboutthe O.J. Simpson Murder Trial, one individual responded, "You claim tobe a prophet of God, why don't you ask God and clear this matter up foreveryone and enlighten the public." This section will not just be limitedto the secular O.J. Simpson murder trial or spiritual matters, all secularmatters are also important for man to understand and try to deal with.There is a lot I don't know. That's one reason I'm still here!

First, I have never claimed or least wise have I ever said I was a prophet(see article under Literature and Journals of Discourses entitled "A Prophet").Like John the Baptist, Muhammad and maybe even Moses, in keeping with God'sdesire and directive not to meddle in the daily affairs of man, I simplyhave been given a message to give to mankind which if heeded will makelife on earth far better and more enjoyable for all concerned. Beyond that,you have your free agency and are totally free to believe and do what youwant to. There is nothing that says you even have to believe me or themessage I bring. Some of you are acquainted with the term, "modus operandi."To tell man what to think and do is against the modus operandi of God.In short, that simply means that God doesn't operate or function that way.However, Satan and all his lackeys do!

Secondly, God does not even tell man how to think, what he should thinkor what he should do. All of God's directives are in the form of, "If youdo this, this will happen," "If you do that, that will happen," "If youwant to live life as I and My Father designed it for mankind, if you dothis as opposed to that, this will happen and that won't happen. You'llget more out of life and it will be far more meaningful and memorable foryou and all concerned."

God will never tell man what he must think or what he must do whileon earth. That was Satan's Plan for which the war in heaven was bitterlyfought and the Son of the Morning cast out along with a third (1/3) ofour brothers and sisters in the spirit. They were cast out of heaven withthe Son of the Morning. The Son of the Morning's name was changed to Lucifermeaning "deceiver." Having rebelled against God, Lucifer was made Satanand the third of our brothers and sisters were made Satan's legions andgiven power over the minds of man to deceive him and try to bring aboutman's utter destruction.

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