I was asked by the Spirit to act as His scribe. I said, "I'll getto it in a minute but first...," as I thought I had other things to writeI felt were important also. My memory isn't what it used to be. I reasoned'The spirit stay after me reminding me to act as His scribe but I may forgetto do this one thing, It'll only take a minute.' But as I finished writingthe other article, my words and thoughts kept centering around this topic.When I was nearly finished, I had written the article The Spirit dictated.S-o-o-o-o! Guess what! God wins. I'll do what Youask now, not later!

On cursory glance at the title and you're going to say or think or both,"You're pro-choice?"

You're damn straight! And so is God!

The Plan of God for all of mankind, not just for some or while we arehere on earth, but regarding absolutely everything, for all time, can beboiled down to three words, "Freedom of Choice." Essentially, for the judgmentto be fair and valid, you must decide for yourself, not the Pope, not theleaders of the Mormon Church, not Newt Gingrich or David Wadsworth andcertainly not Ralph Reed.

First a review of the Word of God. In Genesis 1:27, we read,

"So God created man in his own image,...."

In Genesis 2:7, it says,

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,andbreathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a livingsoul."

When did man become a living soul? When God breathed into man'snostrils the breath of life, that is to say, when the spirit entered thebody of clay? Or was it when man's ultrasound equipment register the baby'sbeating heart? Was that the first, second or third trimester? In everycase or just some? Do all infants mature at the same rate? What about thosemillions of abortions, whether natural or medical performed before ultrasound?If abortion is killing an unborn life -- an absolute contradiction in terms-- who is ultimately responsible for a natural abortion? Man is in a measureresponsible for everything that happens to him or her. Do the supportersof the Pro-Life position propose we file murder charges against every womanwhose body naturally aborted a fetus?

You are to decide for yourself, but as for me and my house, we'll relyon the Word of God which no high tech scientific break through can alter.God is true and pure science. Scientific discoveries are being made knownto man by the spirit of God to see if and how man will respond and usethe discoveries for the betterment of all mankind or if just for a selectfew. Man is being tested to determine how and whether or not he will hewould use his knowledge for the betterment of all man or to the detrimentof some of mankind if man were say the ultimate authority of an earth ofhis own. Man is being tested and graded. Will you max the test or willyou fail miserably?

Anyone can and will tell you anything they like. Listen, discern andlearn for they might be right or they might also be wrong. However, knowfor a surety that the volume of their rhetoric and heat of their debateare inversely proportionate to the credence you should give their arguments.The Father of Lies will try to sway your emotions with catchy emotional,heart wrenching slogans like, "Protect the Unborn Life," "Save the InnocentUnborn Life," "Don't Murder the Unborn," "Don't Kill the Unborn," "Don'tKill the unborn Children," "Don't kill unborn Babies." I challenge eachand every one to use the brains God gave you and rely on the spirit totestify to you of the truthfulness of what they say. Their very rhetoriccontradicts the very cause for which they claim to be fighting for. Inreality, their campaign is a sinister plot to persuade the American peopleto limit everyone's freedom by legislation. If they really believe they'reright, they will seek to educate, not legislate!

Under Communism, Satan tried to coerce people to believe and act accordingto his directives. That's what and why the war in heaven between God andSatan was fought. Fortunately, God rules the earth and not Satan or wewould have no choice to follow our conscience and error if it so be!

Communism is a copy of part of God's eternal Plan (Refer to the Discourseon Capitalismvs Communism in these Journalsof Discourses). You are witness to the ultimate demise of Soviet Communism.But Satan has not left the scene. He rules in the hearts and minds of somemen also! In truth, Satan sacrificed his own creation, modeled after theOrder of God, on the alter of expediency. In doing so, his emissary, eventhe President of the United States (Rev. 13:18), would be hailed as a truelover and defender of freedom as he would seek to undermine the very Constitutionhe took an oath to protect. That President's radical "religious" supporterswould make every effort to strip the American people of their God endowedfreedom of choice and God given right to choose. Satan's Plan is this,if he can't conquer America militarily, he'll try ideologically by underminingthe very Constitution of the United States that made America great. Satan'splan of stripping everyone of his basic human rights, freedoms and to coerceman into following Satan by "Constitutional Amendment, almost won. It stillmight! Fortunately, however, the prayers of the faithful and true believersand those who weren't beguiled by Satan's own emissary, ye even that silvertongued, crafty President were sufficient to stem the tide, protect theconstitution and the rights of the American people from being compromisedtoo severely.

God wants man to know that He is pleased that Americans want to limitabortions but not for the reasons espoused by the group going by the oxymoron"Pro-Life." Again, their rhetoric and deeds contradicts their very name.He who is built upon a false foundation can serve no other but Satan astheir God! God would that no abortion would never be needed. However, justas man is not perfect but has a lot of spiritual growing to do, abortionis a legitimate, need for some to protect a life that the "Pro-Lifers"are so willing to sacrifice on their Blasphemous Alter of Righteous Rhetoric.There are other times when man will be held blameless for proscribing andcarrying out an abortion but man is encouraged to use wisdom in all things.

God has said, "It is not proper nor the Plan of God that I command youin all things."

Therefore, I admonish you to study, pray and fast, and listen to theHoly Spirit, not Satan or his emissaries. Then educate, don't legislate!

Whether you're Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish or Muslim, may theone and only God be with you in your hour of decision as you protect yourfreedom of choice and don't be beguiled by Satan's emissaries in religiousclothing.

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293

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