''Pro-Life'' Advocates Shouldbe the Most Stridently Pro-Gai

Rape and Pre-marital heterosexual intercourse almost always resultsin the pregnancy of the female and subsequent birth of a child if the pregnancyis permitted to go to term.

Homosexuality does not create a living human being. God revealed thatHe ordained Homosexuality to be used by man in conjunction with heterosexualprocreation to allow and teach man how to control his own environment.

God revealed that He did not create heterosexual, bisexual and homosexuallike the antichristian Professional Faith Merchant and antichrist, LouSheldon of The Traditional Values Coalition asserts and blasphemes God!He revealed that He is perfect and created ONE (1) man capable of lovingand being loved with his own unique individuality!

God has also revealed with what bordered on intrepid "insubordination"on my part, that approximately 15 to 20% of the population is currently,in some fashion, engaged in a homosexual relationship and/or lifestyle.It was made know that if man wouldn't polarize his own fellowman into defendingtheir God given right to love whom ever they love at that point in time,there might only be 1 or 2% that opt for a homosexual lifestyle throughout their lives but virtually 100% would engage in homosexuality at somepoint. Homosexuality and heterosexuality WERE designed to be and are mutuallycompatible.

Acceptance of and condoning homosexuality, the second stage of maturationaldevelopment, for young people will drastically cut down if not totallyeliminate teenage pregnancy and the need for abortion. It does not meanthat most or all will always be and remain homosexual or accept it as analternative life style, but it does mean that it will necessitate acceptinghomosexuality as wholesome and complimentary to heterosexuality and "FamilyValues." But of course, that all depends on what man wants out of life!Just like the cliché, "You can lead a horse to water but you can'tmake it drink," God can show you the way but he will not force you to adoptHis Plan for Man!


The calling and purpose of The Millennial Dispensation is to restoresanity to human existence and sexuality, mitigating the affects of Armageddon.Regardless of whether the individual is Christian, a follower of Veda (erroneouslyreferred to as Hinduism), Jewish, Muslim or yes, even Buddhist, God wantsmankind to know that there is no other God but Him and He ordained heterosexualityand homosexuality to be properly used by man. It behooves man to learnto properly utilize his many gifts from God.

Purpose of Homosexuality

David teaches, "God also wants everyone to know He did not create homosexualsand heterosexuals but one bisexual man and women with their own individuality.Heterosexual marriage was ordained by God to multiply and replenish theearth if the human species, but not as the end all or only possibility.We are here to learn and share with each other. The only way to learn isby experience - individually or vicariously through someone else's experience."

        "By revelation, God statedemphatically that just as heterosexuality was ordained to "multiply andreplenish the earth" of all living beings, homosexuality was ordained beforethe world was created, to:

• Teaches mankind about good, proper, healthy and enjoyable sex lifeand to properly care for another individual without bringing a new lifeinto the world

• teach man how to control his own environment, that is to reduce, ifnot completely eliminate the population pollution and environmental pollutioncaused by an over-concentration of population (wildly misrepresented, abusedand slandered using fear tactics of the opposite outcome by  the ProfessionalFaith Merchants)

 • It serves as a pressure release valve for males and femaleswithout creating a new life

• to eliminate the incidence of rape and premarital sex and its detrimentalsocial consequences of pre- and extramarital birth;

• to help reduce if not eliminate the need for abortion arising fromrape, premarital and extramarital sexual intercourse

• Protects the purity and virginity of the mothers of mankind and thereforethe purity of mankind

• to bring mankind together in more of a spirit of love and cooperationrather than as competitive rivals."

Trusting in the Lord God means trusting in God to bring about the properevolution of man permitting him to properly evolve through the three stagesof maturational development, and finally evolving into the heterosexualitystage to raise a family to the Lord in purity and righteousness. Trustingin the Lord God does not mean imposing man’s will on his brethren to affectwhat he feels is the will of God.  The needs of all man can be foundin prayer and Islam. Not necessarily the religion itself but in the submissionto the will of God.

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
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Escondido, CA 92029-5405

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