(A Satanic Attempt to Deny People, their Civil Rights)

The new bill, Defense of Marriage Act, is one more attempt by Satanto divide all mankind and deprive him of chance of working together inthe spirit of mutual respect, love, understanding, consideration and helpto make the earth a Garden of Eden.

God understands the desire of gays (gais) and their need for governmentalsanctioned bonding. However, I caution homosexually gai people that governmentsare always slow to endorse that which God has established. Although homosexuallygai people want, need and deserve a government of ALL the people, for ALLthe people and by ALL the people to do the right thing and help establishthe conditions under which the government will recognize homosexually gaimarriages, thanks to societal efforts, homosexually gai people have nothad an impressive track record of stability. However, with heterosexuallygai people's own track record rapidly approaching if not equaling thatof homosexually gai people, the Radical Irreligious Christian Religionistsand Faith Merchants can not, but will still try to, use that as an excusefor denying homosexually gai people their civil rights!

There are several roads to Rome, or more literally, Washington D.C.There is the one, which is most preferable but which requires less individualeffort, namely the total and complete recognition of homosexually gai people'sright, as guaranteed by the constitution, to form pair bonds and have thosebonds legally recognized by their government. There is another road whichlike all human rights and gai rights won this century, has to be won battleby battle.

It is this second approach that I would like to address. Homosexuallygai people will greatly further their cause and argument if everybody wereto first take marriage or pair bonding seriously. Second, a multi-tieredlegal action should be initiated on several fronts suing the federal andstate governments for illegal discrimination and violation of people'scivil rights by refusing to accept their marriage vows and commitment thesame as they do heterosexually gai people. Homosexually gai people needto inundate the American judicial system with so many costly law suitsthat the government throws up its hands and says to the Antichristian Religionistsand Faith Merchants, "Fine! You want to continue your ungodly policiesof social intolerance and discrimination, you pay for it. But this governmentis of ALL the people, for ALL the people and by ALL the people!"

God is very aware of your need and has promised to help if you simplyask for it! Help bind Satan and the multitude of Antichrist, the Religionistsand Faith Merchants masquerading as pious disciples of Christ.

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293

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