Many in society of any race or persuasion, immediately get irate andindignant when they hear the word, "discrimination." Society has been inundatedwith news accounts of illegal ethnic, racial or sexual discrimination notonly in God's vanguard to promote human equality but in every other countryon earth. The Soviet Union, once thought by some, to be a model of a multi-ethnic,multi-racial crime free society where everybody lived and worked in harmonyhas erupted into a volcano of ethnic fear, hatred, jealousy and animosityonce freedom allowed people to vent their feeling,

That's an example of after nearly a century of living under a governmentdesigned by Satan himself, Satan capitalizing on a people's newly foundfreedom, to twist and abuse that freedom turning man against wife, sonagainst daughter, long-time bosom friend against long-time bosom friendso he can bring man down to his level and destroy him. We have become sosensitive to ethic and racial discrimination else where and sexual discriminationat home that we forget, this is again Satan's Plan to obfuscate God's Planfor man.

Man must choose. Everyday, over a million times a day, you make choices.After hurdling the alarm clock across the room, you make a decision ofwhether to get up or stay in bed. You make a decision whether to take ashow or bath or not, what shirt, pants, skirt, blouse, dress, shoes, socksand tie to wear. You make a dozen decisions when to leave for work beforeyou actually leave.

Life is full of choices and decisions that one has to make every second.This is all part of God's eternal Plan for Man.

Discrimination is defined as 1. The act of discriminating.2. The ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment.3. Treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individualmerit; partiality or prejudice.

Although not a part of the definition in 1960, it is this portionthat everybody immediately thinks of when they hear the word, "Discrimination."However, this is a bastardization of the meaning of the word. Rather thansaying, "Racial discrimination, ethnic discrimination or sexual discriminationor even illegal discrimination, people get lazy and refuse to make thedistinction. It is like the words "gai" and "gay." Because of lazinessand homophobia, what used to be a very common expression, "I'm gay," nowmeans "I'm homosexual" of which most people avoid like the plague.

That is how every language on earth changes over time. In the case ofthe word "gay," it took less than 50 years, in the case of "discrimination",it has taken about twenty years.

David R.W. Wadsworth
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