This is certainly not an apology for Communism let alone a thesis extollingthe virtues of Capitalism (see ABurgeoning Population is the Opiate of Satan & Capitalism in theseJournalsof Discourses). I was born and raised in a Capitalistic society andthe truth is, I am human like every other person on this planet. Unfortunately,however, only in a Capitalistic society is man motivated to discover, inventand improve the lives of his fellowman not from altruistic desire to helpbut by greed. It is human nature, to be driven by avarice and greed. Likeall humans, I have a desire to accumulate wealth, but that desire is basedon a perceived need to 1) insure the security and welfare for me and myfamily first, then 2) to help my fellowman insure his security and welfare.

God's disapproval of Communism is and was not with the ideology or theireconomics, e.g. their philosophy of pooling their resources and takingout only that which they needed for themselves and their family, whichby the way is nice in theory but was never practiced. In the case of Russia,North Korean, China, Cuba and East Europe, that to a large extent was andis a very, very noble idea but under the circumstances, it is somethingwhich is not natural for man. The problem that God had and has with Communismis that Communist leaders felt and still feel that "The ends justifiesthe means."

Why is communal styled sharing not natural for man and what are thecircumstances referred to above? To explain this, let me draw an analogy.We were are all sent, away from home, on a very long journey to Earth withpermanent amnesia. Relating it to life on Earth, it's as if we are a lonepassenger on a long lonely flight to far away Istanbul, Turkey. (Sorry,I could have said China or the Orient except I've lived in the Orient andI would not feel out of place if I walked off a jumbo jet, all alone, tomorrow...Ahh...! That's right...! I'm sorry! I said we all have amnesia so it doesn'tmatter where we disembark. Pick your poison!)

For me, its back to Istanbul, Turkey. When I walk off the plane, I seeall these strange faces starring at me and I can't understand a thing beingsaid. I realize I'm different and that I don't belong. I don't know whoI am or where I am. I am totally at the mercy -- dependent on the goodness-- of the people I meet. I am one of the fortunate ones. Others were notas lucky. Being totally helpless, they were accosted, abused, beaten andeven killed. However, I meet some very good people who took me in and despitemy amnesia, were very hospitable, gave me a place to sleep and food toeat.

For me, my stay with my new found friends was a relatively pleasantone! I learned their language, went to their schools, made some close friendshipsand even became relatively successful. I still can't remember a thing beforedisembarking from the plane. I felt a debt of gratitude to the people whowere kind enough to take me in, feed and cloth me, provide relative securityand a place to lay my head.

I also learned there are millions of flights daily carrying for themost part only one passenger, rarely two and very, very rarely three ormore. I learn that they all have amnesia and are completely at the mercyof the people's generosity and hospitality they first come in contact with.

I learn that the Turkish people have a long tradition of hospitalitywhich goes back many centuries. However, understandably, some feel overwhelmedby the onslaught and sheer numbers invading their country consequently,many forget about the "Ancient Law of Hospitality." Being a so-journermyself, I set up foundations to help some of the travelers adjust, getacclimated, reoriented and begin a new life in a foreign country. However,I haven't got the time nor money to help them all.

The foundation is very small and we can only help a few people. Despitethe little bit of good we are able to do, millions of people were not asfortunate to have fallen in with good people. They die all alone from starvationof food and human kindness even at the hands of their fellow travelers

[As I write this, I find myself writing and thinking similar thoughtsthat Lenin must have thought except, God is my foundation. Not idealism,not intellectualism and not a pie in the sky theory but reality and faithin God.]

If all mankind would observe the Ancient Law of Hospitality, man wouldn'thave to concern him or herself with famines, diseases, being beaten ormurdered! Man's primary concern would be to insure his neighbors are healthy,feel happy and are secure. Society would change from an avaricious societybased on personal greed of wealth, to a society with an insatiable desireand drive to help one another.

Because most men grow up and instead of feeling than a sense of gratitudefor the help they were given, instead, they feel that no one gave themanything, that they did it all on their own and in some cases, they'reright. They feel strongly that everyone has to learn that they can't relyon anyone else but themselves. They are not concerned about helping theirfellow so-journ traveler but are only concerned with how a situation canbenefit them. You may be familiar with the expression, "Life is a gameand the one who wins is the one who dies with the most toys." AlthoughI regarded it a mostly a humorous commentary of life, I used to prettymuch subscribe to this same philosophy also.

However, Christ said,

Matthew 16:26
26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, andlose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

It would appear that, he who dies with the most toys, actually looses!

As I said, God is not opposed to the ideology of the Communist's economics.What God is and was opposed to was the extent to which Communists go to,to force people into disavowing any belief in God and the extent to whichthey also go to, to force people to do what their leaders said they mustdo without question, feedback or input.

Where did Karl Marx get the theory? From Satan! Satan copied the basicsof God's eternal order of the Universe and put it in the hands of fallible,corruptible and extremely avaricious man, without proper training or educationgiving him absolute authority and control over his fellowman to achievehis otherwise, very noble, idealistic and humane goals. Man, being a relative"babe in the woods" and because of Satan's rather than God's influence,man was easily corrupted by power. The Communist leaders, initially beingbasically humane idealists, became autocratic totalitarian rulers and massmurders bent on accomplishing their goals at any cost. Without trainingand education, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolute. Obviously,without proper education or training, the introduction of authoritarianand totalitarian control, bastardized God's Celestial Order of economics.

A truly humanistic economic order is not Capitalism and certainly nottotalitarian Communism (see ABurgeoning Population is the Opiate of Satan & Capitalism in theseJournalsof Discourses). Wouldn't it be great if we could put our heads togetherand devise an economy in which man would know that he would get rich ifand only if he or she help his or her neighbor get rich?

I don't have any answers but God wants man to discuss the pros and consof everything and try to improve life on earth for every human being, thewhite, blue eyed worker in Toledo, Ohio and the black woman with five kidswhose husband was killed in the war in Rwanda. God will not tell man hehas to do something but if we include Him in our discussions, He has promisedman

James 1:5
5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all[men] liberally, and upbraideth (sic) not; and it shall be given him.


David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

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