Satan's Plan & Tool vs God's Plan & Tool

To understand the implications and ramifications of the erroneous usagesof these words, one must delve into the definitions themselves and thedemonizing, radical religious connotation that has been attached to thewords causing people to conjure up false images and understanding in theirminds.
The word "Conservative," although current usage is oneof highly desirableness, it is really a pejorative meaning to preserve,tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions or institutions,traditional, marked by or relating to traditional norms of taste, elegance,style and manners. In a word, conservative means to remain the same orto not change.

The word "Liberal" comes from the Latin word liberalis meaningsuitable for a freeman, generous. In English, "Liberal" means marked bygenerosity and openhandedness; broad-minded, tolerant, esp not bound byauthoritarianism, orthodoxy or traditional forms; generous, bountiful,munificent. In a word, liberal means to be able to change.

Man was not created and placed on earth with the commandment, "Thoushalt be conservative," or "Thou shalt not improve, better or change thyself."God told man, "Thou shalt have dominion over the earth and every creepingthing thereon." That in and of itself requires man to change, however,individually slight. While Christianity is replete with scripture in whichGod admonishes mankind to strive for perfection, to better himself or tochange, some Professional Faith Merchants have characterized as utter heresy,my admonition that many biblical scriptures calls man to work for perfectionas if they believe that God is going to come down and touch a person andby "the grace of God, "all man will made perfect.'

God is the only being or entity that, by His own edict, has not, doesnot and will not change. However, even then, that's only because man can'tor refuses to comprehend the things of God even when, in many cases, heman is told in no uncertain, clear and precise terms.

Not so with mankind. Mankind was sent to earth to change, to improvehimself, his family, his neighbor, his town, his country, the world, theearth over which he was given dominion. But first, man has to learn aboutthat which he was given dominin. He had to change, to improve himself beforehe can improve the lot of that over which he was given dominion!

Had man come into existence with the natural edict or propensity toremain conservative and not change, man never would still be living incaves, would never have crossed the unknown looking for a better life,America would never have been born, freedom would never have been realized.Additionally, there never would have been the concept known as and mankindwould never have known what democracy meant, what law or human rights meant,let alone have heard or even been able to yearningly have uttered thosewords.

Action helps to define what a liberal and a conservative is. Liberalswhether Republican or Democrat brought about the end to legal slavery whichwas violently opposed by conservatives. Liberals enacted child labor lawsover the violent opposition and clamor of conservatives. Liberals broughtabout women suffrage, human and civil rights despite furious and heatedopposition presented by the so-called Christian conservatives.

Liberal means "given to change, given to human rights and equality"

On the other hand, as far back as the beginning of time, conservativeswere and have been resistant to change, resistant to improvement, resistantto altering the status quo. Conservatives did not want to end slavery;conservatives did not want equal human rights, conservatives did not wantlaws against child labor, conservatives did not want to allow women tovote; conservatives did not want to educate females nor allow females tohave equal or similarly equal rights to their male counterparts.

Conservative means "remaining the same, resistant to change or improvement"

There is no one who is truly liberal nor conservative. No one is trulyliberal not even Senator Edward Kennedy or President Bill Clinton. Theytoo believe very strongly in family, family values, the work ethic, a strongand prosperous nation. On the other hand,. no one is truly conservative,not even Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or David Brock. Everyoneis a little bit of both or a lot of one or the other but nobody is 100%liberal or conservative. Those traditionally labeled "conservative" liberallytwists and abuses the truth depending on what they want to receive or achieve.Those adopting and applying the label "Conservative" to them selves, havetraditionally "liberal" ideas, ambitions, goals and philosophies when itinvolves them, their family or their wants.

For those who are religious, you think of God in terms of Allah, Buddha,Christ, or Jehovah according to the tradition of your upbringing

The fact that God wants man to care for his brother and sister as hecares for himself is not a conservative idea, concept or doctrine. It'snot the norm or traditional thing to do. We're not on this earth foreverbut while we are here, we are supposed to help our brothers and sisterschange or progress and by doing so, we will likewise change or process.Christ said, "What profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose hisown soul. Practically speaking, what does it profit a person if he or shegains the much sought after "financial security" but loses sight of hisown humanity and fails to remember his roots who he is and where he hascome from.

If mankind observed the teachings of God, there would be no homeless,no poverty, no discrimination whether the currently illegal kind or otherwise.We would all be so dull and similar, we would cherish individual differencesas a change from the normal routine.

If mankind observed the teachings of God, there would be no one withoutmedical care no matter what it costs us. There would be no class. Therewould be no excessively wealthy nor terribly poor people. Under a purelytheological order run by God, there would be no capitalism. Communism wasSatan's attempt at bastardizing the order of God and putting it in thehands of common, avaricious man void of God.

For those who believe in a supreme being, God created man and placedhim on earth to prove to himself, not God, what type of person he or shewill become under different conditions of birth, i.e. to prove to man himselfwhether he or she has personal integrity. Are we capable of becoming anotherAdolph Hitler, a Joseph Stalin or a Saddam Hussein and pre-judge someonejust because of where or to whom that person was born and do we set ourselvesup as superior to everyone else for reasons completely beyond our controlor are we compassionate to all of our fellowmen and try to better eachperson's lot in life? Do we try to help others with no thought of repaymentor do we go about helping others making sure our deeds are visible andknown to others. This is the normal way of doing things, the status quo,the accepted pattern, the conservative behavior. My boss always condescendinglyreminded me, "You must learn to be your own cheerleader. If you don't speakup for yourself, nobody else will and others will continue to get the creditfor the things you've done." I would say, "Yes, that may be true but onlyuntil they are ask to replicate it then the true be know."

The above attitude of my boss is anathema to the ways of God and teachingsof Christ. To help one's neighbors and one's fellowman whether one's neighboris a person or a nation is not conservative but liberal. To be tolerantof others is not conservative but liberal. To bless those who curse youand pray for them that spitefully use you is not conservative but liberal.To go against the grain and strive to be different, whether its a teenagerwanting to wait until marriage to have sex or whether it is a teenagersaying no to drugs or alcohol is not conservative but liberal. To dareto be different or do that which is contrary to the accepted norm is notconservative but liberal.

Conservatism is anathema to the Laws of God and teachings of Christ.The so-called "Christian Conservatives" have lobbied for constitutionalamendments to outlaw abortion and legalize school prayer or essentiallylegalize their beliefs and deprive others of the freedom of thought andaction. America did not fight too long and hard against totalitarian communismoutside its borders to have to deal with a totalitarian conservative enemywithin bent on depriving individuals the freedom of thought, worship, expressionand action.

As I said before, man was not created and placed on earth with the commandment,"Thou shalt be conservative," but "Man shalt have dominion over the earthand every creeping thing thereon." Man had to learn about the himself,the earth and everything thereon. Mankind was not placed on earth to bestatically dormant or to remain the same but man and women was placed onearth to progress, improve, change themselves, their neighbors, their country,mankind and the earth, his dominion for the better. If man had of remainedstatically the same, unchanged, mankind would have remained in caves, nomadsin the arid deserts of the middle east scrapping out an existence fromthe desert floors. However, man was put here to have dominion over theearth. By definition, man was created to change his lot for the betterand that of his fellowmen.

By the authority vested in me by God, I am admonished to share somethingwith you which will shock some people but man was created and placed onearth as a test, to test our individual commitment to truth, knowledgeand intelligence. Man was placed on earth to see if that individual hasthe unconditional love, integrity and a commitment to truth and intelligencenecessary to be given a similar responsibility over an earth of his ownas was our spiritual brother Jesus Christ. "As man is God once was, asGod is man may become." Do you have what it takes or are you a couch potatoand content to remain the same?

The choice is yours!

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293

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