By Trying to Stamp out Homosexuality,...

...heterosexuals (heterosexually gai people) are admitting homosexualityis the more desirable and most preferred form of sexuality. Otherwise,why would they would fear it and not just let it die out on it’s own accord?

The old Axiom: Misery loves company has become in the case ofheterosexually gai homophobes, Misery demands or insists on your company.

If heterosexuality was the most desirable and preferred form of sex,people who engage in heterosexuality exclusively or nearly so, would nothave to fight so strenuously to insure they rid the world of homosexualityand insure that the heterosexual condition persists. Otherwise, why wouldthey be so afraid people would wise us and their way of life will die outif they don’t force people to keep it alive. They understand not the willof God nor the Spirit of God!

If heterosexuality was the most preferred form of sexuality, heterosexualsor those who think they are so, would simply have to wait until all thepeople they consider to be homosexuals wipe themselves from off the faceof the earth as they claim, e.g. homosexuality is a dead end road to self-annihilation.

If homosexuality would mean the eventual decline of the human race,why has it not happened yet after many millennium of history?

If homosexuality would mean the eventual decline of the human race,why hasn’t the heterosexuals or those who think and have to constantlytell themselves they are so, simply waited until all homosexuals die ofold age?

Oh! Recruitment? Even if there were homosexuals, it is not the homosexualwho recruits. They don't need to! Homosexuality, in many respects, is thepreferred form of sexuality but in several respects also, heterosexualityis the ONLY form of sexuality!

If what heterosexually gais say was true about homosexuality being so“repulsive, disgusting, repugnant and despicable,” any parent would wanttheir son or daughter to learn as early as possible how utterly vile anddetestable homosexuality is so they were rid of the vile temptation onceand for all! However, in an false effort to rid children of such desires,“Christian, Heterosexual” fathers rape their children teaching them notthe true joys of Gay sex but the vile nature of rape!

If homosexuality is so abhorrent, so nefarious, so wretched, so depraved,so detestable and vile, any good loving parent would want their child toat least try it once so they’d ever do it again! The problem with all parentsis they are afraid
their sibling will try it again, again, again and again! They fearthe knowledge that everyone who tries it will likes it. Therefore, theonly way to insure they’ll never try it, is to vilify it, and under thecloak of anonymity like the chickens that they are, they jail, beat andeven murder those who do try it. What but the strongest, the most desirable,the most enjoyable, the most preferred could withstand such an onslaughtof reviling and persecution and still hold its head high!

However, apparently, the only way heterosexuals can insure that theirsexuality remains the norm is to vilify and demonize anyone who has thenerve to try to learn the truth and set themselves free. Heterosexualsare afraid if they allow others to think for themselves and make theirown decisions and choices, their Holy grail, will wither and blow awaylike ashes in the wind.

By trying to stamp out homosexuality, 20th Century Born-Again aresaying their God is weak and powerless requiring man to set up and establishHis laws for Him and make sure they remain. 20th Century Born-Again aresaying their God is weak and powerless and requires man to govern His creation!

People, that was and is the very Plan of Satan for which therewas a war in heaven and for which 1/3 of our spiritual brothers and sisterswere cast out of heaven with Satan to become his evil angels. The Planof Satan is force. The very ideology used by the former Soviet Union,is currently employed by Communist China, North Korea, Cuba and IS theHoly Grail of the Antichristian “Christian Coalition” in their attemptto secure a “constitutional amendment” limiting man’s freedom of choicebased on their distorted theology.

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293

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