Some Muslims have commented to me, "Christians are putting Jesus Christbefore God. Muslims don't believe we have to pay to anyone but Allah."

I too have been troubled by the erection of statues and intermediariesbetween God and man to pray to. Muhammad, having studied Christianity fromthe monks of the newly formed Catholic Church, probably was disturbed bythe Catholics praying not to God the Father or Jesus Christ but prayedfirst to Mary to get to Christ and Christ to get to the Father. True Christiansdon't pray to anyone but God the Father. Christ gave people an exampleof how we should pray. It is commonly called the Lord's Prayer. Christinstructed the people to pray, "Our Father which art in heaven...." TrueChristians pray only to God the Father or in the Muslim Tradition, Allah.

Over the centuries, when all of Christendom believed that the need forrevelation from God had ended, man introduced diverse false doctrines intothe theology known as Christianity. Christians and Muslims alike, are topray to the Father. However, Christians close their prayer to God the Fatherin remembrance of Jesus Christ for his sacrifice, as the Son of God likeyou, me and everybody else are sons and daughters of God and for layingdown His life for mankind to take upon Himself the sins of the world.

Although this is not a perfect or true analogy, it might help peoplerelate to the relationship between God the Father or Allah, Jesus Christand the rest of mankind, if one thinks in terms of a Corporate structureand the CEO of a multinational corporate conglomerate in our day and age.While a CEO is not the ultimate nor final authority since he answers tothe stockholders of the corporation, for all intents and purposes, thisanalogy is the closest structure, I, in my limited understanding, can personallyrelate to.

For our analogy, think in terms of a single-tiered Company or CorporationABC. In any company, you have leadership, a hierarchy, a chain of commandor line of authority. That hierarchy consists usually of a President andone or more Vice Presidents to help or assist the President and a Secretary/Treasurer.In a single-tiered corporation, although the President is responsible tothe stockholders for financial purposes, he or she is the ultimate authorityin the chain of command for the employees.

In a multi-tiered Corporation XYZ, the President of Company ABC answersnot to the stockholders directly but to a higher President, CEO (ChiefExecutive Office) or Chairman of the Board of Corporation XYZ. Even thePresident, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Corporation XYZ holding theCompany ABC and possibly even other corporations answers to the stockholdersof that entity but for all practical purposes and ease of this analogy,the CEO, Chairman of the Board is the ultimate authority, the final cogin the chain of command. He may have a couple Vice Presidents or as iscommonplace, many Vice Presidents and several Executive Vice Presidentsto assist him. Everybody has his or her own responsibility and authoritybut each acts for and in behalf of the President, CEO (Chief ExecutiveOffice) or Chairman of the Board.

Think in terms of each a single-tiered company as the earth and otherworlds. "Worlds without number hath He created." As far as the employeesof company ABC (the inhabitants of Earth) are concerned, they are ultimatelyresponsible to the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of CorporationXYZ (God the Father) however, they are directly responsible to the Presidentof Company ABC (Jesus Christ). In the case of the President of CompanyABC, he has ultimate hire/fire authority over the employees of CompanyABC granted to him/her by the President, CEO and Chairman of the Boardof Corporation XYZ.

Jesus Christ, Jehovah, the Great I AM, was made God (President) overthe Earth (Company ABC) and while God the Father, Allah, (President, CEOand Chairman of the Board of Corporation XYZ) is the ultimate authority,Jesus Christ was given the responsibility for the affairs of man on earth.

Another way of looking at this, while an older brother is given babysitting responsibilities over his younger brothers and sisters, the fatherand mother still retains the ultimate authority.

Although God has said, "Your ways are not my ways, neither my thoughtsyour thoughts," I feel this analogy will help us all relate to God andthe government of heaven.

I hope this helps! I hope too, this helps our Muslim brothers and sistersunderstand the nature and our relationship to God. I welcome your feedback.

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293

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