On July 21, 1996, William J. Knight, Assemblyman from Palmdale, Californiasaid in a newspaper interview with the SCV Express, a publication of TheSignal, the Santa Clarita Valley's hometown newspaper, "If gay marriagesare recognized in California, school districts will be forced to presenthomosexual unions as a "healthy and acceptable" lifestyle, underminingthe institution of traditional marriage,..."

How does presenting a left-handed person as being a normal, healthyindividual undermine a right-handed individuals? How does presenting someoneliving in Palmdale, California who has an aversion to steak, peas and potatoesor tacos but loves and even craves sushi as being a normal, healthy individualundermine the American institution known as steak, peas and potatoes? Inreality, the only thing it undermines is a few individual's insistencethat everybody be right-handed or that everybody must like peas and potatoes.It also undermines the narrow-minded demand that everybody be the samefoisted on others by those who can't stand to see people reach out andgrasp a freedom for themselves which they, themselves and others so desperatelywant to enjoy but are afraid because of peer pressures.

How would recognition of people's God endowed freedom of choice andhuman rights be degrading to someone else unless in so doing, everythingthe individual has been taught to believe in has been proven to be totallyfalse and thusly been shown to be pernicious, against God, nullified andinvalidated?

William Knight said, "I don't think it's in the best interest of ourchildren to teach them that homosexuality is an acceptable alternativelifestyle on the same plane with heterosexual marriage,..."

Mr. Knight feels the only way to insure the preservation of the heterosexuallife style of marriage, children and families in the face of an obviouslyfar more wonderful, a more highly preferred and an all around extremelydesired sexuality and lifestyle is to lie to children, disallow them thetruth -- pro and con -- not allow them to make a conscious choice but bebrainwashed, and forced into compliance. These people don't believe intruth and education but in Satanic lies, force coercion and brainwashingto accomplish their demonic designs.

I am counseled by God, it is people and attitudes like that of Mr. Knightwhich has undermined and destroyed the family. When a child grows up andlearns that everything their parents has indoctrinated them with was falseand a lie, when the child grows up and realizes he can't believe a wordof what his parents said, that child is left without any moral footingor any ability to make a moral choice of what is right and what is wrong.When a child grows up in the freedom of light and the truth, he or sheloves and respects his or her parents and has a very solid moral foundation.

My Knight them put his foot in his mouth by saying, "That puts marriagein the category of self-gratification, instead of the category of procreationof children. If we let that happen, the gate is open to redefine marriageas anything we want."

The institution of marriage has already been redefined by the millionsof Americans in loveless marriages because it was the way to get the sexthey craved, the millions of married couples who don't want to have children,the millions of children who don't think marriage is important before havingheterosexual sex and the millions of parents who have incest with theirchildren. Mr. Knight, get your head out of your ass or your friend's ass,wake up and smell the coffee!

The only economic burdens recognition of same-sex marriages would placeon the state is re-educating neanderthalian Assemblymen. However, re-educatingAmericans into a more Christian attitude would save the country $69,000,000,000a year. Everybody make a choice how he or she will live every second ofhis or her life, even you Mr. Knight.

I agree with you, Mr. Knight. The only way to preserve heterosexual'swonderful and cherished lifestyle of heterosexual rape; incest; the abundanceof lascivious, licentious and wanton premarital sexual intercourse by childrenand teenagers; the ruined lives of millions upon millions of children andthe babies born to babies and children; is to deprived all children theability to make an intelligent, conscious decision and continue to defameand slander the very natural gift of God as a decadent, perverse act thatis indicative of where you mind is centered. Once again, get your headout of your ass.

Again, I am counseled by God that if people like Mr. Knight would leavethe ways of Satan and return to the paths of truth, righteousness and God,while about 99% of the population would engage in homosexuality at leastonce in their lives, there might be about 1 or 2% who would opt for a lifelonghomosexual commitment, the rest opting rather for heterosexual marriageand raising a family. While God wouldn't give me a precise figure, I wasable to deduce a range of 15 to 20% of mankind are presently so polarizedby current society's, they are almost exclusively homosexual.

God's counsels Mr. Knight: Fighting against the Lord your God, in thisway, will not absolve nor cleanse your mind of your lifelong desires norof personal deep rooted guilt. It will only compound it and make you moremiserable. It is God's desire that all man be happy and enjoy life. Godendowed you with certain gifts and attributes, not to pervert or give intothem in their basest form but to understand and perfect those gifts andeducate to others. If you do this, righteously seeing God and shun Satan,you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!

I just saw a debate on CNN where a couple Federal congress members weredebating "Welfare Reform." The Congresswoman from Illinois was complainingthat many of the provisions would deprive children of needed care. CongressmanLieberman said the CBO said it costs 69 billion dollars a year for childcare for illegal immigrants and teenage mothers. Mr. Knight, I'm not contestingnor am I advocating those figures. The truth is, God ordained homosexualityto help mankind learn to control his own environment (see TheBook of the Millennial Dispensation Chapter 8). Mankind changes, evolvesand hopefully improves. God gave man many gifts to use at different timesof his or her life.

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293


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