(Ronald = 6) + (Wilson = 6) + (Reagan = 6) = 666

Revelations 13:18
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the numberof the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundredthreescore [and] six.
An antichrist is defined as: an·ti·christ n. 1. An enemyof Christ. 2. Antichrist The epithet of the great antagonist who was expectedby the early Church to set himself up against Christ in the last days beforethe Second Coming. 3. A false Christ.

In short, an antichrist is an enemy of Christ through blatant overtactions or through subterfuge, the epithet of the great antagonist whois expected to set himself up against Christ in the last days before theSecond Coming. In other words, the antichrist is the epitome of Satan!Satan will say anything to deceive you but you have to view the actionsnot words!

Since 1981, when I realized my utter gullibility supporting that affably,gregarious, silver tongued, crafty politician carrying the mark of Satan,the Antichrist and the mistake I had made, I prayed our nation wouldn'tgo down the toilet Even after I knew the truth, President Reagan continuedto pull the wool over my eyes with, what seemed like, a very honest andsincere deep personal belief in God. I was continually reminded to thepoint it got to be a constant theme, not to look at what he says but atwhat he does.

I thought, 'But he does it in such a way and he sounds so genuine andsincere, you have to agree with him.' Despite the warnings, I was so bamboozledby his ability to say what I wanted to hear, that I personally gave himpretty much had a free reign to achieve Satan's goals.

This is going to be interpreted by many as heresy. But believe me! Iloved Ronald Reagan as an actor, I supported him for Governor of Californiaand his first term as President of the United States. But after I cut throughall the sweet jasmine of his flowery speech and got down to the bittermustard of his actions, I began to see just how dastardly heinous and pernicioushe was. Still, the American people welcomed his antics, mannerisms andfoibles with open arms. Ronald Reagan could do no wrong! They forgave himwhat was as criminal act while serving as President? They forgave him muchmore because he was going or had gone senile and would very convenientlysay, "I can't remember." Equally beguiled, the American people gladly handedover to him and let him trample on many of their most cherish rights.

What wrong did he do that was so bad, wrong or contemptible? After all,Ronald Wilson Reagan was single-handedly instrumental in bringing aboutthe demise of Soviet Communism which was Satan's own copy, bastardizationand implementation of God's Eternal Order and the desired economic orderfor man.

Indeed! Indeed! People think again!!!! One man single-handedly broughtdown the Soviet empire? All by himself? The American people has been sadlyplayed the fool (beguiled).

Don't take my word for anything. I was fooled too. Ask Him who promisedto give to you liberally and upbraid you not if you are but sincere inyour request!

Actually, it was Satan's diabolical plan to get the American peopleto trust and love Ronald Reagan so Satan could weaver his web of destructionin the minds of the American people. And that's exactly what he did foreight years.

As we discuss what he did, you won't have to ask yourself, 'With whosehelp did he do them?' If after reading this, you are still in doubt, youwill still be beguiled by your memory of that silver tongued crafty foxand by the Satan himself. I didn't write or author Revelations 13:18. Istrongly recommend you pull out your Bible if you have one and read itover and over and over again. Then after you're read it so you thoroughlyknow and understands what it says, I would ask you to pray about it.

A word to the wise, don't be like me for years and offer a prayer onlywhile your driving, flying, or listening to a boring speaker talk. I hadto learn the lesson the hard way. God the Father may be our eternal andspiritual Father and as such, loves us immensely but put yourself in Hisshoes for a second.

To give you a more mundane example not couched in religious rhetoric,envision this!

You've always promised your son if he'll only show you a littlerespect, you'll be more than happy to help him with anything, any time.

Well, your son walks in the room after you've had a hard day tryingto smooth over inter-relational conflicts in the Middle East. One childand a bunch of his relatives are bombing the hell out his younger brothersand their families' homes.

Your other son walks in, plunks himself down on the sofa, slouchingover the edge of the couch he says, "Hey, old man! Last night, I got thisticket for drunk diving. Take care of it, will ya, and get these ass holesout of my face, huh!"

How would that make you feel! Like slapping him up the side of the headand down the other and say, "Damn you impudent two bit punk! What the hellhappened? I won't help you until you show me a little respect!"

Hey! Wake up and smell the coffee. That is the very same thing withpraying. Praying is like a one-way video teleconferencing call. The ancientIsraelites and the Muslims have to prostrate themselves on the floor orground and recite a memorized prayer to show humility. Man! I really feelsorry and bad for the person if, while his heart was very sincere, hismind and memory is failing and he can't remember a prayer to save his life!

No problem. The people of the earth were given a New Covenant. Christshowed you how to pray and while He doesn't expect or even want you torecite the Lord's prayer verbatim, He does ask that show a little humilityand your heart be in the right place -- and I don't mean in your chestcavity -- because your sincerity means far more to God than mere words.God knows your heart before you even ask. 'Then,' you say, 'why do I evenhave to ask?' I'll leave that for another discourse but suffice it to say,we all need help some time and He has promised He will help us if we butask showing due respect and humility!

Now picture the former example.

Your son wants your help. He comes in the room, stands in frontof you and says, "Excuse me. Have you got a moment?

When you say, Yes!" he says, "Dad, please don't be angry with me. Imake a stupid mistake." He relates to you that fact that his friend gota hold of a couple bottles of beer and the novelty of it went to his head.The end result being, a policeman gave him a ticket for driving and drinking.He asks you for advise and help to responsibly deal with what he has done.

What's going to be your reaction now?

It's the same with God! All He wants is for us to show Him a littlehumility and respect! When you read the Bible, ask God for understanding.After all, it is supposed to be His words written in the Bible. He promisedeveryone, "If anyone lack wisdom, let him ask of God that giveth all manliberally and upbraidth him not!"

Let's get back to the Reagan ranch. Besides Ronald Wilson Reagan equalingthe number on the head of beast or 666, when Ronald and Nancy Reagan leftoffice they moved to a house in California with the address "666 XxxxxxxxxxDrive." But they had it officially changed.

Coincidence? Are or were you deceived? The Radical Religious Right whoclaims to be Christian should have known. They did because I told them!But what did they do? Ronald Wilson Reagan was their God! They weren'tabout to warn the American people of what was happening. The Radical ReligiousRight and Ronald Wilson Reagan were in cahoots together and Radical ReligiousRight is still riding the coat tails of the American People's love forRonald Reagan. It is human nature to try to find the best in a person andwhat they do.

In 1981, even after being warned by a messenger of God, I still wasdeceived by Ronald Reagan. He said most things I wanted to hear, and ifit wasn't what I wanted to hear, he said it in such a way that made mefeel good about what he said and he was able to make me think that's whatI wanted. Then he went and did the opposite.

Star Wars: When it comes to his policies like his Star Wars fiasco,granted, that was his style. Shoot from the hip and hope to hell you hitthe target! Well, after quadrupling our national debt, he never come closeto the target. He promised he wouldn't raise your taxes and he didn't buthe raised the taxes on your children on our children 5, 10, 15 and 20 yearsdown the road by and spending trillions of dollars on a "pie in the sky"theory, we still aren't any closer to realizing the concocted dream thanwhen Reagan had the bully pulpit and held the purse strings. Now, whatis Bob Dole and the Republicans trying to win your votes by promising you?They'll cut your taxes! WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PAY BACK THE MONEY REAGANBORROWED SPENDING THE SOVIETS UNDER THE TABLE? That's what Reagan's StarWars gimmick was all about. An effort to drive the Communists into financialbankruptcy. He succeeded!

While the Democrats believe more in a "pay as you go, tax as you go"policy of tax and spend -- if you don't like the taxes, don't ask themto spend the money -- the Republicans on the other hand believe in a policyof "fooling the people by lowering their taxes, borrow heavily and spendlike there was no tomorrow and let our kids will pay it back!" As for me,while I've been both, I'm neither Republican nor Democrat but I think weshould live within our means and pay as we go. First, pay off the debteven if it means burdening the people who made money off the extravagantborrowing with heavier taxes. In the end, we all have to put our shoulderto the wheel and push!!

Taxes: I've already explained how Reagan lied to the American peopleand said he wasn't going to raise your taxes then mortgaged your futureand that of your children, raising their taxes 5, 10, 15 and 20 years downthe road, by borrowing trillions of dollars and spending what he borrowedon a pie in the sky pipe dream and theory. That's what defeated communism.They couldn't match the spending!

Freedom and Human Rights: Probably his most pernicious accomplishment.While bringing about the demise of the Soviet Totalitarian Communist Regime,Reagan resurrected the viability and credibility of the oxymoron, the "Pro-Life"movement. God promised, that which is built upon a lie will not stand.However, with his demonic ally of, again an oxymoron, the Christian Coalition,sought and still seeks to thwart God's Plan that everyone have the rightand freedom of choice. Otherwise, what's the need for a judgment. RememberSatan's Plan? We would have all been saved, at the same level, with thesame promise and reward. Believe me, we would have deserved it. Had Satan'sPlan been adopted there would have been an order, an edict that we wouldhave _____________, and there would have been nothing we could do to changedit.

Ralph Reed, the protégé of Ronald Reagan's anti-abortion,anti-choice, anti-freedom position is using the Republican Party to furtherthe demonic designs of Satan by pushing a constitutional amendment deprivinga person the right to choose even if it is to protect the life of the mother(see discourse on Protect the Freedom of Choicein these Journals of Discourses). In this case,Ralph Reed has bastardized the Bible interpreting it the way he and thosewithin his camp want to interpret the Bible, not based on anything Godsaid but based on man's science, namely the ultrasound equipment. A wordto Ralph Reed and the antichrists in his camp, true science proves theexistence of God and what God has revealed, false science tries to disprovethe existence of God and what God has revealed for God is pure science.Don't worry Mr. Pat Robertson! God hasn't forgot you! You created RalphReed and the demonic Christian Coalition! God has promised that unlessyou repent, He will deal with you in due time. Indeed, it will have beenbetter for the inhabitants of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah...

I won't belabor the point. However, he that hath ears and understanding,let him read Revelations 13:18, then pray to God for wisdom, understandingand His help to right the wrongs we have allowed happen!

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

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Escondido, CA 92029-5405

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