In the late 60's, it was really quite a novelty for this boy froma small Idaho, farming community to go to San Francisco's Notorious gaynight club The Rendezvous and see Drag Queens and Female Impersonatorsin Shows strut their stuff in exaggerated, pompous arrogance. To me, itwas all just a show. None of their actions were natural. The actions ofthe Female Impersonators were obviously practiced, put on, forced, accentuatedand exaggerated. But why? Aside from the fact that any caricature of aperson can be comical, since females were regarded as second class citizens,who in their right mind would want to trade being a male to be a female.That was a dichotomy I could not fathom and I didn't even try! It was simplya show that in the 60's was called "high camp" and like Milton Berle, itcould be very funny and humorous.

My parents, especially my mother, would constantly harangue about howthe word 'gay" was taking on an "unnatural" meaning. I had been readinganything I could get my hands on that would explain homosexuality, whatit was, who were stricken by this "terrible abomionation" and how it couldbe cured. I wasn't about to let anyone know that a couple years back inmy past, I had engaged in repeated homosexuality with numerous friends,who now because of peer pressures, were not about t admit to it either.I wasn't worried about myself becoming a homosexual. I liked, dated, andfantasized about having sex with a females. However, the media sensationalizedthis growing communist conspiracy and threat and I wanted to stay informedjust in case.

In the course of my general research, I had read that the art form knownas Female Impersonation had been borrowed from the French Les Gais, whowere, for the most part, heterosexually married, fathers and female impersonatorswho performed the female's role in theatrical performances. In France,in the 1800's, it was not only illegal for a woman to perform on stageand it was also thought that in those societies where women did performon stage, the women were nothing but cheap whores and prostitutes.

In the late 1890's, when the U.S. Government commissioned a panel of"experts" to study and report on the phenomenon of "two people of the samegender having sexual relations together," what seemed like a very innocent,innocuous endeavor led by a sincere desire to learn and understand allaspects of the human experience, would very rapidly fuel the fires andfan the flames of hatred, bigotry, intolerance and murder. Very shortly,the results of the study would be seized and pounced upon by people whowere so thoroughly bored with their own lives, that they felt compelledto meddle in the lives of their neighbors and tell them how they shouldconduct their private affairs. Under the guise of "Christian Righteousness"lead by professional religionists and faith merchants, this study leadto castigation's ostracism's, beatings and even murder of their own fellowman.

From the government study, etymologists coined the word "homosexual."The coinage of the word "homosexual" gave rise to its diminutive and bastardizedform used as a slur which was proclaimed from the pulpits by the amoral,antichristian professional religionists and faith merchant fanatics. Theywere hell bent on castigating all homosexuals and purging them from society.Until then, homosexuality was a natural, regular, and although not frequent,it was a common occurrence. It was something no one ever talked about becauseVictorian Morals dominated every aspect of society. Since no one ever talkedabout what they did sexually, it was increasingly easy for the professionalreligionists and faith merchants to defame homosexuality from their pulpitsbecause no one dared to contradict or defy them. Vocal opposition may haveequaled castigation, being ostracized and banishment but in the end, silenceequaled death. Since the faith merchants had joined forces with the forcesof evil and were in opposition to a laws of nature and one of God's mostprecious gifts, they were able to spread their lies of fear and hatred,under the guise of Christianity, based entirely on a fear and ignoranceof an unknown. Any right thinking Christian would have realized God doesn'twork through slander, fear, intimidation or coercion but those weren'tthen and these aren't now easy times for true believers.

No one dared talk about sex, except the professional religionists andfaith merchants and then it was to lie, twist and misconstrue the thingspeople did in their proclaiming the evils of homosexuality. With 675 referencesand admonitions in the Bible against the evils of wanton heterosexual sex,the faith merchants would rather dwell on a topic that was only mentionedfive times over a span of several thousands years than preach about somethingthat was dear to their hearts and the sin of which they were guilty ofthemselves. They didn't care that all five of the scriptures had been andcould be proven to have been grossly mistranslated. That was not consistantwith the prevailing theology at the time nor was it conducive to convertsand the steady in-flow of donations and contributions.

In about 1948, there was no such entity later referred to as "The HomosexualCommunity." Because of the intense anger, hatred and hostility that wasinbred into the "peace loving Christian community" by a few disciples ofSatan, few people, if any, would be caught dead referring to themselvesas homosexuals, let alone even admitting to have experienced it. Thosethat did were beaten and killed. The few people who were later arrestedfor having been caught doing something most everybody occasionally didanyway, and because these people were jailed, later tried and convictedof an "act against nature, God and humanity," they were unceremoniouslybranded as "homosexuals." This action of intolerance, hatred and fear gaverise to the formation of homosexual community in the late 1930s, early1940's.

Those referred to by society as "homos" or "homosexuals" were primarilythe obvious drag queens and female impersonators. Drag queens were thosewho received emotional and sexual gratification from cross-dressing andmaking themselves look like a females. Female impersonators were not onlydrag queens and cross-dressers wqeren't exclusively homosexual. However,the female impersonators had taken it one step further than cross-dressersand had also made it their livelihood by performing on stage as impersonatingusually a famous female that everybody knew.

In the 1940's and before, everybody thought of sex as being heterosexualityand the act as only being what is referred to as the "missionary position."Everything else, although frequently done by whores and prostitutes wasunnatural. No one ever talked about sex, let alone mentioned it in politecompany. Heaven forbid anyone say the word homosexual, in any company,polite, impolite or otherwise except to refer to someone as a "homo." Thatwas the worst thing you could call someone. That word castrated, emasculated,cut up into little pieces and spit someone out in a fine spray that wouldeasily evaporate into nothingness with the enunciation of a simple foursyllable word.

The general knowledge of what "homosexuality" was or what "homos" were,was colored by the "Christian" revivalists who used every opportunity torail against the "evils" of homosexuality from their pulpits. They hadno opposition since the truth was not taught in schools and no one daredadmit knowing anything about it or heaven forbid, having done it. As such,the so-called "Christian" revivalists could hold themselves out and overthe people as the principle authority on God and homosexuality becauseno one would dare challenge them or set them straight.

After 50 years of a painstaking effort, the Professional Religionistsand Faith Merchants were finally successful in creating an identifiable"homosexual" community which they could rail against, in their sermons.The few drag queens, professional female impersonators and those jailed,convicted and sentenced for being a homosexual, very loosely formed themakings of the "homosexual community" or later, what became known as the"gay community." As late as the late 1960's and early 1970's, the word"homosexual" was still very seldom if ever used. Instead, the slur "homo"was the chosen vernacular. By the mid and late 40's, the drag queens andthe female impersonators had a real aversion to the "religious" community'suse of the slur "homo." Some of the more astute female impersonators anddrag queens put their "pussies" together -- as they loved to frequentlysay because it drove the homophobes of society up a wall -- and they realizedthey had borrowed the art form of female impersonation from the FrenchLes Gai Paris, which in French simply meant, "The Gay Paris." They beganto refer to their impersonation of females as the "Gai Art" and later tothemselves as "gai.". True to the general and overall ignorance of thesociety at large regarding anything sexual, and lead by their favoriterevivalist minister, society couldn't relate to the French spelling ofthe word and when someone said they were performing the "Les Gais" artform, society heard only "Gai" and related to it as "Gay." This gave riseto the bastardization and usage of the word "Gay" equating it to mean "homosexual."

From then on, female impersonators and drag queens referred to themselvesas "gai." When people would ask them, "How do you want to be referred to,"they would always say "Gai," preferring it to the diminutive of the wordhomosexual and its subsequent usage as the slur "homo." Hence, we see theformation of an entity known as the "homosexual community," and the frequentuse of and bastardization of the French word "Gai" for the appeasementof the professional antichristian religionists and faith merchant's andtheir need for a common, little known and greatly maligned phobia withwhich to scream hell fire and brimstone from their pulpits fleecing thepockets of their parishioners. All this was done in the name of an "all-knowing,unconditionally loving, wise, charitable, compassionate and forgiving God."

What these professional religionists and faith merchants were blindto and ignorant of was, "if a child of the age of 1, 2 or 3 is for themost part, as God created him or her" and if a person and his or her familycan remember the individual exhibiting obvious propensities and predisposition'sfor homosexuality since the age of 1, 2 and 3, was the individual not bornto earthly parents as a perfect child of God? If so, then what in God'sname has he or she got to repent of? One need not repent of being bornleft handed or blond hair! Is it not more likely that the professionalreligionists and faith merchants who have need of repent of their wicked,evil and malicious castigation of children of God based on their totaland complete ignorance of the things of God.?

While man is here on earth, while we are away from home, the home whereour Mother and Father in Heaven resides, the home where we were given birthin the spirit, nurtured and raised before being sent away from home, ona temporary journey to earth, mankind was instilled with innate courtesyand consideration for our fellow so-journ travelers and fellowman knownas the ancient law of hospitality. Jesus Christ referred to that ancientlaw as, "Love your neighbor as thyself," and "Do unto others as you wouldhave him do unto you." 2,000 years later, the professional religionistsand faith merchants still haven't learned that one, very basic and verysimple lesson. They surround themselves and delve into religious mysteriesand theories while they ignore basic truths. We read in Isaiah 1:9-11 Jeremiah23:14 and Ezekiel 16:49-50 that Sodom and Gomorrah weren't destroyed asa result of even any sexual sin, least wise homosexuality, but they weredestroyed because they violated God's law of hospitality to their fellowman.

In Ezekiel, we read and read well for he that hath understanding andthe Spirit of God, let him understand., "Behold this was the iniquity ofthy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread. and abundance of idleness (freetime, leisure and relaxation) was in her and her daughters, neither didshe strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty andcommitted abomination before me;...." Ezekiel lived roughly 1,500 yearsafter Sodom and Gomorrah and was by far more of a contemporary of thosetimes than the multitude of blasphemous, slanderous professional religionistsand faith merchants 3,500 years later in the 20th Century. Ezekiel himselftells you that today's account of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesiswas erroneously translated. Ezekiel's account of the sins of Sodom andGomorrah, sounds suspiciously like 20th Century America led by that archconservative, Jesse Helms.

Lest you make the mistake of many a professional religionists and faithmerchants, the word "abomination" in Greek and Hebrew was like the word"sin." Any time you do or did something you know you shouldn't have done,whether it is murder or running a stop light, it is and was a "sin." Asfor the word "abomination" was in the words of one theologian Dr. Bailey,it was comparable to saying, "It was enough to gag a maggot." An abominationspelled out in Leviticus in no uncertain terms was having sex with a femaleduring her menstrual cycle. Very unpleasant to some or most but certainlynothing to be concerned about or lose sleep over

In the name of Jesus Christ, God the Father, even Allah, the MercifulOne, I call upon the pernicious, blasphemous professional religionistsand faith merchants, ye even our fellow so-journ travelers and brothersin the spirit but who have adopted Satan as your God, to turn side fromthe evil you are doing, put aside your hatred and animosity, cease anddesist your violation of the ancient law of hospitality. Leave Satan, comeand together work to make our existence on earth a pleasant and memorableexperience for all. Unless you repent of your grievous sins and iniquity,the Lord God will smite you with plagues, pestilence, earthquakes, tornadoes,hurricanes, famines and diverse body sores such as you have never seen.It will have been far better for Sodom and Gomorrah than for you for yoursin is far more grievous in he eyes of God.

Compared to eternity, our existence here isn't even a blink of an eyeor nano second. Your eternity will be one of an eternity of self-flagellation,weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Repent now and prepare to meetyour God!

In so doing, I call for the Gai (Gay) Community to put aside their GuerrillaWarfare tactics of trying to shock the sensibilities of their fellowmaninto an awareness of his and her pernicious contradictions in faith andaffront to their God . The time has come to show your fellowman that youshare his values and faith in God. Regain the respect of your brother.There are those whose respect you will never earn. The respect of Satan,you will never need. Satan fears you even now. God is a God of long-sufferinglove, not instant shock treatment and gratification.

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

(760) 743-5293


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