The world is on the very precipice of a realization of global peaceand harmony based on the guarantee that everyone has the right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the sacred right to the freedomof choice! But globally, we must recognize that with that freedom of choice,mankind has a tremendous responsibility to not only ourselves but to therest of mankind. We can't rest on our laurels in an opioid state of euphoriathinking that life is finally as it should be! Life is as it should befor whom and for how much longer?

It is projected that by the year 2010, there will be over twice as manypeople on the face of the earth as there were at the end of 1995. The populationof the earth was around 5 billion people. By the year 2010, it is projectedthere will be over 10.5 or 11 billion people on the face of the earth.

Look around you and envision the people around you increased by tworesulting in your space around you cut in half and the freedoms you currentlyenjoy curtailed simply to allow more people on the face of the earth. Ifthe projection by the year 2010 doesn't scare you, think in terms of thepopulation doubling every 10 to 15 years. How think of what life will belike for you and your children in the year 2025, 2050, 2075 and 2100!

People in the United States are spoiled in many ways. To people in Idaho,Montana and Wyoming, where the population is still fairly sparse, it wouldappear we still have a fair amount of under-utilized land and resources.But as the population increases dramatically in other parts of the country,your lifestyle will also be severely impacted as well.

The people in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, New Delhi or Bangladeshwill hardly agree that the people's argument in Idaho, Montana and Wyomingis an intelligent, logical or rational approach to the issue. Scientistsalready have constructed a computer model of the known resources and thecurrent burgeoning population which predicts a major calamity by the 2050when we will have in a large part, depleted our resources of land, foodand water. We will be fighting and killing each other to gain control ofand preserve for only ourselves, what few resources remain.

Animals are extremely territorial. No less territorial is the humananimal. How many times have you heard the phrase, "I'll do what I haveto do to protect my family." Is there no difference in this regard betweenthe human animal and the four legged animals?

The marvelous thing about the human animal is, in some cases, we havethe advanced capacity to think, reason, relate, gain knowledge, try tounderstand and if necessary, adjust our behavior. This is called intelligence.Not to imply that the other animals can't or aren't able to achieve tosome degree a similar, albeit a lower degree of intelligence, the humananimal has the ability to transcend mere instinct, to rationally constructhis life and environment to insure the preservation of him, his specieand all species for eons to come.

However, the recent scientific computer model predicts for man whatthe ancient prophets of God prophesied, 2, 4 and 8,000 years ago. A majorcalamity, or in other words, Armageddon by the year 2050. For those whoare religious or supernaturally inclined and envision Armageddon as rainingdown pillars of fire from heaven, God is not showy of flashy by works innatural ways. the fact that Armageddon was prophesied does not say whatwill cause it, how it will come about nor the extent of the pain and sufferingall life will endure as a result. The prophecy simply says it will happen.Come about as it definitely will, man has the option to either augmentor make worse the affect or to mitigate or lessen the negative affectsand his pain and suffering.

I am hardly in favor of Communism as it has played out in the formerSoviet Union, Eastern Europe, Cuba or China by any stretch of the imagination,however, mankind is on the precipice of a very great calamity caused byour insatiable greed under the auspices of improving life for all of mankind.This concept is the old "trickle-down" concept used by Ronald Reagan andsince has been widely criticized and discredited. No one really cares aboutanyone but themselves and their immediate family.

Communism failed not because the ideals weren't possible. Communismtook the very noble ideals practiced under a true theocracy and with thehelp of that corruptible Father of Lies, bastardized it and turned overthe Principles of Eloheim to avaricious, rapacious and corruptible man.

As far as I've found, Christians are alone in the belief that God willreturn again to reign on earth. But before that day will come, the earthmust be cleansed of the iniquity. One way this will be achieved is by Armageddon.If the earth was pure, if everybody treated everyone else as equals andeverybody went to the ends of the earth to insure that their neighbor andtheir neighbor's life was the best it could possibly be, there would beno need for a physically destructive Armageddon but it could possibly bea spiritual Armageddon of the soul or intellectual Armageddon of the mind.Know for a surety that it will come but man has control over what, when,how and the severity of Armageddon.

We can either take steps to mitigate the affects of Armageddon now,or wait until our brothers, sisters and neighbors are on our doorstepsarmed with automatic weapons with their set of demands. By that time, noone will be able to consider things rationally or objectively.

The prosperity of the United States is a model for the nations of theworld in their attempt to improve the standard of life for its citizens.This is not a goal only of capitalistic, democratic nations. The nationsof the earth can not continue with the unbridled avaricious capitalismor squander resources now prevalent in the United States or the rape ofthe earth's resources done in other parts of the world. We must begin tothink of the consequences of an ever burgeoning population. Man must beginto exist in harmony with Planet Earth and not rape its resources, exchangingresources for people pollution and the byproduct of human existence, environmentalpollution.

I don't have the answer but we must alter our thinking from a selfishcapitalistic society where we are always looking to improve our own livesand that of our immediate family, to a selfless ameliorating society andeconomy in which we seek to improve the lives of every other member ofthe family of mankind. Rather than the "trickle-down" concept of the Reagan/Bushera, it'll have a "pushing-up" affect for all of mankind including ourselvesof the 21st century. We must begin to discuss this and other issues beforewe are forced to and have no other choice.

I'm sorry to leave you with more questions and thoughts to contemplatebut that is the whole purpose of this life, to work together to learn,progress and make life better for every living thing on the earth. Thatis our dominion, our mandate.

- David R.W. Wadsworth - 8 August 1992

[UPDATE 6/2/96]

Mexico City: 6/2/96 With a population of 10 million people, the MexicanGovernment calls for a dramatically reduction in Mexcico City's populationin the very near future otherwise, it says its infrastructure will collapse.A top Mexican Government Official says there are already dead animals andraw sewage in its drinking water. Some growth could be beneficial but uncontrollablegrow in population is Satan's attempt to undermine society and drive itinto anarchy, chaos and self-destruction resulting in Armageddon.

God has given mankind a gift that was designed and ordained to helphim control his own environment. However, man consistantly abuses, belittlesand slanders God's gift. Rather than learning how to use it properly, man'sReligionists and Professional Faith Merchants rail against it and God,murdering those who would use God's gift to mankind.

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

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