(The Salvation of Mankind)

The future of the human race and the severity of Armageddon dependsupon society restructuring itself, turning away from an ever increasing,burgeoning population, over-populating and polluting the earth becauseit is good for capitalism, conspicuous consumption and the economies basedon an ever burgeoning population. Man must begin observing the true principlesof God.

In 1492, "when Columbus sailed the oceans blue," there was 1/2 billionpeople on the face of the earth. 500 years later in 1992, there were 5billion people. Five years later, in 1997, there WERE 6 billion peopleon the face of the earth. By 2010, 10 years away, it is projected therewill be 10 billion people on the face of the earth.

Why, after 5,000 years there was only 1/2 billion people on the earthand in 500 years, the population had increased by 5 1/2 billion people,increasing expotentially in the last 100 years? They were intuned withthe spirit of God that is given to all man at birth and they used homosexualityas it was designed, e.g. protect the chastity of the mothers of mankind,used homosexuality to emotionally draw closer to their brethern abd sisters!

In America, we're fortunate and don't have to deal with the majorityof problems resulting from overcrowding in the world. That is due to education!However, as other nations experience a tumultuous political and socialconditions, it will and has already spilled over to America also. Evenin America, as the population increases and standard of living have increasedfor some, but the quality of living for others has and will decline dramatically!View America with five hundred million or a billion people or your neighborhoodwith, from twice as many people fighting to four times as many people,all clamoring and fighting for food, shelter or water just to live. Ifyou consider streets relatively safe today, imagine the streets no longersafe to walk down for you or even your children to go to school or to playon! Imagine your homes as fortified camps against a hostile outside world.

Homosexuality is a gift from God to among other things, help man learnto control his own environment. It behooves man to stop defaming but learnto use God's many gifts properly not oppose, slander and blaspheme somethingout of ignorance because we don't understand it. See


Armageddon was prophesied meaning that Armageddon of some sort is definitelyin man's future and will ultimately occure but man can seek God and tryto mitigate the affects of Armageddon on his life and environment and thatof his family! Armageddon was prophesied but not when, the entensity, thesevereity nor who would suffer as a result!

It will ultimately become manís nature, proclivity and propensity toseek the destruction of his fellowman and hence his own destruction simplybecause he is ignorant and refuses to properly utilize the gifts God gavehim.

David R.W. Wadsworth
Servant of the Most High God

El Santuario Escondido
10387 Tioga Lake Drive
Escondido, CA 92029-5405

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